WP Complete Backup

Many of you still think that doing a WP complete backup is not so important. Well…

Have you ever experienced what it means to lose data, files, images, etc. – what it means to lose some months’ perhaps some years’ work? For sure, once you’ve gone through this procedure, you’ll do your WP complete backup on a regular basis!

This post is to remind you to do just that.

WP Complete Backup Plugin by mastermind-coaching-and-consulting.com

What is the WP Complete Backup plugin?

The WP Complete Backup plugin is a free, simple to use and well working WordPress plugin to backup and restore your website’s or blog’s data, the complete database and the file system. This plugin is updated regularly and works with the newest version of WordPress. I’ve been using it now for more than one year and there has never been an issue with its functionality. You can find this little gem here.

How to make a WP Complete Backup?

    1. Go in the Dashboard of your WordPress.org site or blog.
    2. Go to Plugins
      –> Add New –> Search Plugin: enter the name WP Complete Backup –> Upload –> Activate
    3. You can leave the default settings as they are, there is no need to change anything.
      The plugin creates a random API Key for your backup.
    4. Choose whether you want a complete backup of your database and files, database only or files only by checking or unchecking the appropriate boxes.
    5. When the backup process is finished, you can download the files to your computer by clicking on the appropriate download link in the backup area.
    6. Create a new folder on your desktop (or where ever you will find the stored files easily if you need them) and “drag and drop” the downloaded files into that.
    7. Make sure that you have enough space for your backups. There is no need to store 10 backups. To save space on your computer, just keep the last 2 of each backup you’ve made.
    8. You’re done. 🙂

There is another easy way to make a database backup using cPanel. The next post will show you how to do that.


Some time ago some people asked about plugins and widgets necessary for a WordPress site. In one of the next posts I’ll cover that as well. Stay tuned!

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