When You Hit Roadblocks In Life

Hard to believe but my last article is dated… Oh no.  Sorry for that.  But when you hit roadblocks in life you’re forced to stop doing everything else and face the new situation.

Goals and roadblocks

Talking about goal setting, coaches used to say “define your goals and stick to them whatever comes your way”. And they really mean it. You see, nobody can  reach their goals if they don’t focus and stick to their plan.

Easy to say, but sometimes very hard to follow through. When something bad happens we feel challenged and forced to make changes in our life. We need to redefine our goals, and set new priorities. We may feel angry, helpless, in certain situations even hopeless. Uncertain about what to do, how to get over that “thing” that now holds us back from doing what we planned for ourselves, we perceive our goals as not attainable, out of reach. The question is…

When you hit roadblocks in life by mastermind coaching and consulting

How to overcome roadblocks

Overcoming roadblocks or getting rid of them may require some additional work. In most situations we just have to take a detour. Whatever your goals are, whatever your plans are, always keep in mind that things just happen in life. Be prepared. Think about the worst case that could happen and develop your “worst case scenario”. Never forget to create a “Plan B” – just in case your “Plan A” does not work.

So what can happen in your life that can result in roadblocks and force you to change your plans and take a detour toward your goals?  Well, the first thing I can think of are illnesses.

From one day to the other, illnesses can make all your plans obsolete. If you’re sick a lot of additional problems come up: fears, uncertainties, the loss of your job, lack of money, lack of support and help etc. When a family member gets seriously sick and you need to take care of them, your entire life can be turned upside down.

Illnesses as Roadblocks

And that’s exactly what happened to me early November 2013, a serious illness in our family. I don’t get into any details here. Just letting you know why I’ve been so silent during the last months… I’ve had hard times to keep everything running and solving all the problems around. That meant a “big detour” for my own goals.

However, I’d like to encourage you to take the challenge whenever you get in a similar situation. Don’t be afraid of losing your job, your business, your life. What you do for the people you love, and especially for the person who needs your help, is much more important than everything else. And there is always another path to go along, you just have to find it. So the most important thing is to find that one way that lets you be there for the person who needs you and go on doing what’s important to you.

Of course, even if you are in control, if you can act and not react to what comes next, every illness and every other challenge that crosses your way can be roadblocks. But taking the detour without getting discouraged and knowing that it may take a bit longer to reach your own goal but you’re still on the right path, can empower you and put you in the position to handle everything wisely.


“When you come to a roadblock, take a detour.”   – Barbara Bush

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