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What should you use to create a professional web presence, a website or blog or social media? This is one of the most frequently asked questions in our consulting sessions.

The answer plain and simple: use ALL of them!
Truth is, the more resources you use, the better.

But note: never ever make the mistakes so many “big names” made in the past that made kick them off their platform and “kill” many businesses!

I love Google. I love to use their tools when and where ever I can to get the results I want. By the way,  have you ever checked out what great FREE tools they have?  🙂 Use them!

But I also love to use WordPress and Facebook, to name the “big one” in Social Media, and Xing, Ning, LinkedIn, Netlog, Twitter, and there are so many more. Just one example, why you should use them too:

With about 900 Million active users, Facebook is a great opportunity to get more exposure for your business, to get your products or services in front of a huge audience. You see more and more business sites appearing on Facebook. Big international companies have already discovered the power of Social Media and now it’s time for small businesses and local businesses to come on board too.

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So let’s get started! Let us help you get your space on the Social Media Platform and find your “voice”. Let’s make you be seen and heard on the Internet! Get the support you need to establish your web presence and grow your business. Don’t be shy about stepping ahead or anxious about doing the first steps now. You’ll be glad you did it.

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