Value Oriented Marketing

Today’s article is about value oriented marketing and value based marketing.  And to start with, let me ask you first…

What does value mean to you?

Is it the content that has “value”? Is it the price that shows the “value”? Is it what you get out of a product or service that makes that product or service of  “value”? So what is of “value” to you? I’d love to hear your thoughts on that…

Changes, loopholes and longterm value

You know that the Internet Marketing Industry has gone through several shifts and changes during the last months. And, for sure you’ve heard about Google’s zoo (Panda, Penguin and many more to come) and about all the solutions provided out there to “overcome” bad rankings. But here is the question:

Do you think you can trick Google and the other search engines by using software to explore and monetize some loopholes in their systems? Do you really think that?! Let me tell you this: as a “normal” marketer with average skills you can not. And even the “smartest” solutions don’t last for long.

Of course, there are loopholes and of course, their systems are not always perfect. Same it is with software. There are really great software solutions out there – but they are not the ones made to overcome some loopholes.

A good software helps you to improve the daily routine, recurring work streams, that part of your work that has to be done again and again. And that’s what you should use software for: to make your business life easier, not to trick Google & friends. Don’t waste your time and money on tricks… They won’t help you for long, you won’t get longterm results and longterm value using them. And, they won’t help you market something of value to your own prospects or customers either.

Get here tips on what Google loves.

Webinars and Value Oriented Marketing

Have you seen how many webinars are out there each week? How many of them did you join lately? Well, if you’re anything like me and try to keep up with the most important changes in this Industry you have been on many, many webinars…

But, what have webinars to do with value oriented marketing?

Lots. The easiest way to learn about new products, software or services is on the webinars where they are presented. In about 1 hour they give you an overview and you can decide whether you’re interested or not in
that specific product or service.

Many marketers claim to provide great value to their customers and that their only goal is to do just that.
Reality is, that the selling part is often way bigger then the providing value part. Why? Simply because everyone tries to build “the list”, a list of prospects or a list of customers they can sell to. Fortunately, there are exceptions to the rule.

Ok, don’t get me wrong here. I’m not against shortcuts. But, repackaged old content and strategies sold on courses and webinars do not provide real value and marketing these products is not what value based marketing should be. So keep an eye on that.


Value Oriented Marketing And Value Based Marketing by

What does value oriented marketing mean?

Well, I can tell you what value oriented marketing means to me:
to market and sell products and services that add value to my clients’ businesses and/or to their personal lives.

Creating and developing quality products and services do not only require in depth research in that certain area but also skills and experience, time and money to get it done. As you can see, value has always had and will always have its price because of the investments you have to make prior to marketing and selling, investments in creating and developing that specific quality product or service. And that cannot be done simply with “copy and paste”.

What is the basis for a value oriented marketing?

It’s actually the quality product or service what you offer to your audience, to your prospects, to your customers. Let me make this very clear: what we’re talking about here is your very own original and unique product or service based on in-depth research providing a real solution to a specific problem.

You may say now ok, but…

What about selling value?

There is nothing wrong with selling value, to give your audience what they are looking for, what they need – and at the same time to get your investments back and make a living out of it.

Would you like me to show you…


What it takes to get to value oriented marketing?

That’s a real life example guys and gals, so please pay attention. These days many people create mobile websites “on the fly” for their customers. Here’s what I’ve done:

  1. Got the skills on courses and webinars
  2. Did a lot of research for the best working mobile software
    on the market
  3. Learned how the software works and how to apply it
    and learned the marketing strategies that work now

With this completed, the next step was getting customers by:

  1. Advertising my products and services
  2. Contacting local entrepreneurs
  3. Contacting international entrepreneurs

Then I started…

  1. Tweaking the software and the marketing strategies
    according to my customers’ needs and expectations
  2. Creating and publishing the mobile sites for my customers
  3. Providing actual information on the newest development
    in the mobile marketing industry to my customers
  4. Providing updates and reliable customer support

As you can see, there is a lot of work in providing real value, and much of that work has to be done before you even get to marketing and selling a product or a service to your customers. So it’s self explanatory, that nobody can provide this kind of value for free.

Now, what I want you to know is this about…

Practicing value oriented marketing

Many people out there try to make you believe that you can practice value oriented marketing simply by taking already existing content from the Internet, from books, videos, webinars, presentations, etc., curating or rewriting it and getting that out to the public as a new content, publishing it as your own product or service.

It’s not necessary to reinvent the wheel, but if you use these methods make sure to add your own value to it, your own unique content before you publish it as your own.

Those times are gone when “copy and paste” worked fine for copycats. Google & friends go on making changes and just thinking back to Panda and Penguin you can see what they expect marketers to do: create and provide fresh, consistent and individual value together with unique content that gives your audience a positive experience.

So don’t try to cheat Big G and the other search engines. Don’t look for loopholes or re-republished PLR (Private Label Rights) material. Invest your time and your money to get out there your own original content, your own product or service that shows the world your uniqueness. When you do that, you’ve already done the first steps to value oriented marketing.


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