Value Consumer to Value Creator

From value consumer to value creator: let’s talk today a bit about what is of value, what is a value consumer and what a value creator and then about how to transition from value consumer to value creator. So…

What is “of value”?

Everything you like or love, everything  important and relevant to you is of value to you, right? If you  love playing or watching soccer, a soccer ball or the ticket to the next big event can be the “value”. Related to the Internet, correct and up-to-date information can be the value if you’re searching for them. A song you love, a movie or a book you like, all these can be values to you. And the list goes on.

Of course, not only material things represent value or give value to your life. Your hopes and beliefs, your attitude and habits, your Self, the people around you, your skills and experiences – all these are “values”, aren’t they?
I’d suggest you think about what really represents “value” in your business and in your personal life…


From Value Consumer To Value Creator by Mastermind Coaching And Consulting

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Every day is “of value”…

What is a value consumer?

Do you like shopping? If so, you already are a value consumer. But no, I’m not necessarily talking here about going to WalMart or buying things on Amazon. What I’m talking about is more like this: how many times did you decide to change something in your life after you’d read a good book about, let’s say, self help? And, what did you change? If you’re like most of the value consumers, you consumed the information in the book but you’ve never applied it, right?  How many pieces of software are saved on your hard drive but never used, never implemented? How many books are in your bookshelf, bought with the intention to read them but, you’ve never done that?

What I’m actually talking about is that each one of us tends to collect, to gather things which are of value to us: from the diamond ring to the software or the books on the shelf. And whether we buy them or not, whether they are of physical or of mental value, we want to possess them, we consume them, what makes all of us value consumers.

What is a value creator?

A value creator is someone who actually develops and creates something of value to you or to anyone else.
are a value creator if you develop and create a new website, if you design a new building, if you take a photo and put it on your blog, if… there are endless ways to “create” value, from the simple blogpost to making a movie, from the new method of disease prevention to beauty products, etc. etc. etc.  So what makes you a value creator? Ideas, knowledge, skills, abilities and, of course the power, the determination and the willingness to DO it, to develop and create something new, starting from the first idea you have in mind.

Why is it important to become a value creator?

To be honest, most people develop and create something of value to make money, they earn their living with new ideas put to action. Some of them are doing it to become famous and rich, to live the lifestyle of their dreams – there’s nothing wrong with that either but, you’d better take a look behind the curtains first.

Now, what ever makes you create value, what ever your purpose may be, you should consider that creating value can be “a long run”, frustrating, overwhelming, may cost money and for sure will “cost” much time.

There are lots of courses and tips on the Internet which claim to teach you how to create value in 3 – 4 hours time. Yes, I’m talking here about information material. Lots of marketers do that, they do it very well and they make a good living out of it. To make it clear: that’s okay as long as they create something new of their own out of the existing information, putting in their own ideas, skills and knowledge. But, what I cannot agree with is if they just “refresh” and/or “repolish” existing information and sell them as something new and unique, as it used to happen in the past. Does it still happen? For sure. Keep your eyes open… there still are many experts, many “big names” involved.

How to make a transition from value consumer to value creator?

To tell the truth, there is only one way to get that done: to make a real transition from value consumer to value creator you should  find out and learn about what is of real value to you. And, to become someone who creates real value: get the skills to become an expert in what you are passionate about or interested in – because nobody was born as an expert. Then, put all your passion, your skills and (cap)abilities in it and do the work: create your unique and own product. Start learning now and don’t be shy to ask for help if you get stuck.

Would you like to change from value consumer to value creator?

If so, get prepared and always remember the more you know the better for you and the easier you can make the change from value consumer to value creator.

Your skills and knowledge, your abilities and capabilities, your determination and the will to succeed will help you to make the transition, nothing else. Make a difference in what you still want to consume because it’s of value to you and stop wasting time on those things that are made to distract you, to keep you away from becoming a value creator. And, you may believe it or not, there is only one way to achieve that: learning. It’s through learning that you get from value consumer to value creator.

For each one of us learning must become an ongoing process because there is no other way to keep up with
all the new information and all the changes happening not only on the Internet but all around us, each and every day. Get rid of the value consumer image and make the change from value consumer to value creator. Do it – and start with it now!

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