Use Google Alerts to Find New Content

We talked a lot about content yesterday and first of all, about why and how to use Google Alerts to find new content. One of my new clients was so confused about his bad rankings after the latest Google updates that he even skyped me for a consulting session on Sunday. We spent one hour later on the phone to clarify what exactly the problems were and what he could do to get rid of them.

And, because I know that after all the Panda and Penguin updates so many of you are still struggling with
where to get new ideas and where to get fresh content from… Ok guys, I hear you.


How to use Google Alerts to find new content and why

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Here is how to use Google Alerts to find new content – and you’ll see in a moment why:

You see, Big G alias Google helps in many ways if you know where to look for the specific information that
need and if you know how to use and implement Google’s advice.

Here is how to manually find relevant sites to your search terms using RSS Feeds:

  1. Sign up for a  Google account or sign in to your existing account.
  2. You need to know about RSS Feeds and how to use them with your
    reader, let’s say Google Reader.
  3. Think about some good keywords that may lead to the page you
    want to get ranked.
  4. Do a search on Google to make sure you get the kind of information
    you’re looking for. This is important to get quality content published
    on your site later.
  5. Start gathering sites relevant to your keywords.
  6. Identify one keyword that gives you the best results, means delivers
    those sites with the best content.
  7. Pick the RSS Feeds from these sites and put them in your Google Reader
  8. Select that piece of content you want to write about.
  9. Write a proper description for the content you want to publish on your own
    blog or website.
  10. Set up the correct linking to the original site.
  11. Publish the content on your blog or website.
  12. Optimize it for SEO.

In a few short steps, that’s it.


There is a more simple version when you use Google Alerts to find new content, which makes sure that
you really get the sites with relevant information to your keywords and also makes sure that you will  find
new relevant sites
as well:

  1. Go to
    (remember: you must be signed in to your account to do this)
  2. Type in the search terms (keywords) and
  3. Where asked “Deliver to many” select Deliver to FEED and
    click “Create Alerts”
  4. Great! You’ve just created your alerts!
  5. From there you will be led to a page where you can manage all your alerts from.
    On this page you’ll see a button where you can add the feeds to your Google Reader.
    Of course, there are other readers as well, but to begin with, I’d suggest to use Google’s.
    Yes, you have to do this only once for your keywords to get notified each time Google
    has found some new content.

Now, that you’ve eliminated all the manual search for good content and made sure that you get notified each time some new site comes up with content that relates to your keyword, you just go through the steps 8 – 12 each time you’ve found new feeds with content you want to publish on your own site or blog.

One last reminder: don’t forget that the piece of content you choose to write about must be properly rewritten,
not copied, not curated but, rewritten. The result of all your efforts should be a new, original piece of content posted on your blog or website with the link back to the original post. Use Google Alerts to find new content – simply try it!



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