Database Backup using cPanel

As promised in my previous article, this one will be about the easy way to make a database backup using cPanel. Do it, and do it regularly to protect your information and to prevent yourself from losing your data. When I started working online,  just like many other people I had no clue about how […]

Organize Your Brain

Did you ask yourself recently how to organize your brain to keep in mind the most important things, how to organize yourself to keep up with everything you have to accomplish? Here is the answer: WorkFlowy, used by the “big boys and girls” like Matt Cutts (Google), Tina Roth Eisenberg (SwissMiss), Brent Schulkin (CarrotMob) and […]

How Much Is Your Peace Of Mind Worth?

Just got a mail with Shannon Herod’s new WP plugin called WP Update Robot and in the sales video letter he asked the question how much is your peace of mind worth? Don’t get me wrong here, I truly appreciate Shannon’s work. He does a great job and what he presents to the public is […]