5 Tips to Business Coaching Success

The 5 tips we discuss today can make or break your business coaching success. Here is why. First, let me tell you upfront there is no success without your own contribution, commitment and accountability. Second, there is no success in business coaching without a coach you can trust in. There are tons of information out […]

When You Hit Roadblocks In Life

Hard to believe but my last article is dated… Oh no.  Sorry for that.  But when you hit roadblocks in life you’re forced to stop doing everything else and face the new situation. Goals and roadblocks Talking about goal setting, coaches used to say “define your goals and stick to them whatever comes your way”. […]

Consulting vs Coaching

A few days ago a client asked me about consulting vs coaching. The question was why I focus so much on the consulting part with all the technical stuff here on Mastermind Coaching and Consulting and don’t publish here more topics related to coaching. He was missing the articles about business and life coaching… Here’s […]

Tribute To Freddie

I don’t know about you – but that’s what I’d grown up with… And a tribute to Freddie. Freddie Mercury and Queen. He would have been 65 this week. He surely turned Heaven upside down… 🙂 Life just happens. Enjoy!      

Introduction To Mastermind Coaching And Consulting

When I did some research on the keywords “coaching” and “consulting” for this Introduction To Mastermind Coaching And Consulting some time ago, I stumbled upon some interesting definitions about what Coaching and Consulting was meant to be: ” Coaching, with a professional coach, is the practice of supporting an individual, referred to as a coachee […]