Facebook Custom Tabs

Today’s article is about the Facebook custom tabs and custom pages: what they are, why use them, what to use them for and how. They have been around for quite some time now, the Facebook custom tabs. Many businesses use them – but very often, business owners don’t know exactly how to use them to […]

Facebook Key Terms

People new to Facebook often struggle with the variety of key terms Facebook uses inside: timeline, profile, fanpage, SSL, API, newsfeed, Graph Search and lots more. But because they are Facebook key terms and used over and over again, you must become familiar with them. Today we’ll walk you through 2 of the most important […]

Life Just Happens…

When did you last experience that life just happens? Listen… We had some great webinars on Social Media Management lately, including SSL and all the new stuff, all the upcoming changes on Facebook. And so we started implementing the new stuff  in our existing sites and creating those great looking fanpages. We moved forward quickly. […]