Consulting vs Coaching

A few days ago a client asked me about consulting vs coaching. The question was why I focus so much on the consulting part with all the technical stuff here on Mastermind Coaching and Consulting and don’t publish here more topics related to coaching. He was missing the articles about business and life coaching… Here’s […]

Coaching Terminology Overview

Hope you had time to watch the short animated video I’d posted and to read about the coaching process. We’ll do a short recap here, but we will focus today on the coaching terminology overview, something that strongly relates to the coaching process but many people are not familiar with: the vocabulary used in the […]

How The Coaching Process Works

Would you like to know how the coaching process works? Well, then watch this 3.5 minutes animated movie posted by Wellcoaches back in 2008 because it illustrates quite well how coaching works and what the most important skills and steps are to help you identify your goals, to get you from where you are now […]

Life Coaching Is Your Safe Haven

Life Coaching isĀ  your safe haven to talk about, define and develop your abilities to reach out for and attain your goals. This is my very personal definition about what life coaching really is. If you ask yourself questions like: – Who am I? – What am I struggling with? – What is important to […]

Introduction To Mastermind Coaching And Consulting

When I did some research on the keywords “coaching” and “consulting” for this Introduction To Mastermind Coaching And Consulting some time ago, I stumbled upon some interesting definitions about what Coaching and Consulting was meant to be: ” Coaching, with a professional coach, is the practice of supporting an individual, referred to as a coachee […]