Changes for Mobile Content

Google’s major announcement was that it was “readying ranking changes for mobile content”. So what do they mean? What are the ranking changes for mobile content? You see, Google wants you to provide relevant content and a positive user experience. In other words, the content you post on your website must be relevant to your […]

Latest EMD Google Updates

In this article we’ll talk about the latest EMD Google updates that, again, confused so many users. So let’s start with… What are EMDs? EMDs or Exact Match Domains are domains which have the main keyword or keyphrase in the domain name. Why did so many people love to use exact match domains? Well, back […]

Use Google Alerts to Find New Content

We talked a lot about content yesterday and first of all, about why and how to use Google Alerts to find new content. One of my new clients was so confused about his bad rankings after the latest Google updates that he even skyped me for a consulting session on Sunday. We spent one hour […]