Stay Focused On One Topic

If you plan to set up a new blog you should seriously consider to stay focused on one topic. So why should you limit yourself to focus on only one topic? Discover why…

Imagine this: you are looking for information on real estate and you find a blog that seems to provide the information you’ve been looking for. You go to that site and… besides some great posts about real estate, you find there posts about info products, weight loss products and something about dog training. Hmmm… 🙁

Would you subscribe to the guy or gal who runs that blog to get more detailed information about… Yes, what about? Real estate, info products, weight loss and dog training? You were looking for something about real estate and you would want to get information on that topic, right? On the other hand, if you were looking for dog training you wouldn’t want to watch a video or read about real estate, would you?

Discover why to Stay Focused on One Topic.

Always have in mind your audience, the visitors who are coming to your site for a specific information. Do the grunt work before you actually start building your blog. Think about your “avatar”, your ideal prospect or customer: what kind of information would they be looking for, how would they search for that information on the Internet and what keywords would they use. Use Google’s free Keyword Tool to search for and find the best keywords and related terms and, optimize your pages and posts for higher rankings to get more exposure and free Google “love”, means free traffic to your site.

Even more important than optimizing your blog for the search engines is to have your own original content. That makes your blog unique and different from all the other sites with a similar topic out there. Now, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. You can search for articles, blogposts and information on other sites related to your topic, to get an idea what to write about and how to do that, but never ever copy them. Creating your own content can be difficult and time consuming, especially if you don’t like writing or simply think you are not yet the expert in your niche. But, I strongly suggest you do it even if some people claim that there are easier ways to get that done. Believe it or not, rewriting and content spinning or outsourcing to Fiverr for 5 bucks is not a longterm solution, not if you’re serious about your business.

You can use your new blog to create a sales funnel, selling related products and services on your site as well. But, let me repeat that again: please stay focused on one topic. Promote related products and services to your main topic.

Same applies when you promote affiliate offers and you want to create your own site for that specific offer: stay focused. Provide your visitors great content and, if you want to create a sales funnel to promote more than that one offer, do it by using related products or services.

Another advantage of sticking to one main topic is that if you use Google Adsense or other ad revenue programs, you will be able to target your visitors with ads that they are more likely to click on. Let’s say there is someone looking for a specific weight loss product and you’ve just set up a new site for that. You have some Adsense ads showing up with information on similar products. What do you think: will visitors click on them and check  them out? Mostly, they will.

So let’s recap that:
With a blog focused on one topic you can get more free traffic and this traffic is much more targeted, means people who are visiting your site are actually searching for and interested in what you offer and therefore it is much more likely that they will check out the products and buy from you.


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