Social Media Madness

I know, the last post is dated… oh no, please don’t remind me of that, but the social media madness caught me “by surprise”.

I have to admit that I’ve had my Facebook and Twitter accounts for quite a while but never really used them… Truly, I’ve never thought about posting on Facebook on a regular basis or sending out tweets to let the world know about my business, before… yes, before I met two ladies, Maria Gudelis and Tina Williams, who offered a social media course on the Warrior Forum for  under 10 bucks to teach people how to use social media the right way.


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So there I was, in the Social Media Challenge. My eyes were popping with amazement when I saw the opportunities. And, so I was caught by the social media madness like hundreds of other people on that course.
I created my first pages on Facebook, of course one for Mastermind and one for another passion of mine, you can check it out here. Just loved to see them develop and grow! There are more of them, of course, but I don’t want to bore you with that.

So in a few short sentences here is how social media can help you with your business:

First of all, it can help you build your authority and brand  as the expert in your niche. You can build a community, a list of followers who know, like and trust you and will help you build your business.

Using social media services you can spread the information you want to share, provide value and original content to your community. You can interact with your followers, let them participate through comments and by sharing your content with their communities. You can post on their pages as well, reaching out to even more readers. This will increase your sphere of  influence, people will respect your opinion and more and more people will trust you. You won’t want to miss out on that, will you?

More about Social Media

These are only a few aspects about what social media can do for your business. We’ll talk about that more in dept in the next posts. Probably the next post will be titled “Back to the Roots” with an overview about the shifts that occur right now in the IM business, before we get back to the power of social media marketing again.
Stay tuned!

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