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Using Social Media for businesses still is unusual for many entrepreneurs. At least, if we talk about small businesses. Big companies are already in the game. And many of them have  implemented Social Media successfully. Let’s take for example Coca Cola, with more than 63 Mio “likes” or BMW, with more than 13 Mio “likes” on one of their pages.

What about small businesses? As an example, here is Small Business Owners of America‘s page with about 10,400 “likes”. But remember, it’s not only the number of “likes” what makes a page successful.


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Let’s take a look at why so many owners of small businesses still don’t want to participate in Social Media.
Here are the most frequently heard arguments why they don’t like Social Media and don’t use them for business purposes:

Social Media for Businesses…

  1. Are time consuming and challenging;
  2. Give instructions which are difficult for users to understand;
  3. Require more advanced technical skills and business strategies.

Also, many entrepreneurs

  1. Are confused about and overwhelmed by all the software, all the strategies out there;
  2. Find it difficult to get started with Social Media;
  3. Cannot really understand why they need to establish a social presence online;
  4. Don’t want to rely on or depend on Social Media companies;
  5. Don’t trust in the security and safety standards provided on the platforms;
  6. Don’t see how their businesses can benefit from Social Media.

Starting with Social Media for businesses is time consuming and can be confusing, indeed. It takes time to get the skills and overcome technical hurdles. It is also difficult to find the right strategies for a specific business. And it is even more difficult to implement them and make them work.

Using Social Media for Businesses

Using Social Media can be challenging, of course. First, you need to create a personal account. Then create one or more business profile(s). Understand the relationship between them. Learn about SSL and APIs and so on. And more importantly, once done all that, keep up with all the upcoming changes. That’s not easy.

Also, not everyone likes to friend people they don’t know, like posts, write new updates, stay connected, develop new relationships.

What about the Social Media networks?

Social Media networks have rules which must be respected. Many entrepreneurs think they cannot control what happens on the platform when they actually use Social Media for businesses. But done it right, there is (almost) nothing to worry about.

Security and safety on Social Media platforms – are they as bad as said?

Security and safety on Social Media platforms have always been an issue. The companies running these platforms have already taken serious steps to keep the users’ data safe and secure. But there is more to come due to the new regulations coming worldwide. However, when using Social Media for businesses, entrepreneurs must take action as well to keep their data safe and secure.

What about the benefits of using Social Media for businesses?

Many small business owners also don’t see real benefits in using Social Media. What they see first is this:
they need to invest time and money and of course, additional work. And because they are already short of time and busy with running their businesses, they don’t want to do even more work.

What they should consider though is: the longer they wait the harder it gets. It will get harder to find new customers or clients – for online and offline businesses. The competition will increase the more businesses go online and use Social Media. Also, the technical and strategical requirements will increase and applying them gets even more difficult.

What determines whether they fail or succeed when using Social Media for their businesses?

Entrepreneurs want to see success in the shortest time possible. But whether they succeed or fail when using Social Media for their businesses depends on many, many factors. First of all, it depends on the product or service they want to sell. For example if they have a product a lot of people want to buy, or a service many people are interested in, chances are good to succeed. But it also depends on technical skills, communication, consistency, continuity, commitment, and many more. It takes quite some time to see some serious results.

Of course, entrepreneurs can outsource the work and let Social Media experts do it. The services vary from setting up simple accounts on Social Media up to  strategic marketing and complete account management.
The services are provided for online and for offline businesses. However, it could become difficult to find the
right person or company to outsource to because there are so many service providers out there.


And now, dear small business owner, dear entrepreneur, with all the information in place it’s almost easy
to decide whether or not to use Social Media for businesses. How ever you decide, I wish you much success.
Feel free to leave a message if you like.


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