SEO Changes 2016

Upcoming SEO Changes 2016


Google has already made many changes to their algorithm in 2015 and it looks like they won’t stop to do the same in 2016. So let’s see what kind of changes will keep us sleepless this year.


Google’s 2016 Core Update

This one was a confirmed Google core update. A fact that somehow surprised some experts waiting for a Panda or Penguin update. Google confirmed there was a core ranking algorithm update and that the Panda algorithm is part of the core ranking algorithm. John Müller tweeted:


SEO changes 2016 Google's 2016 core update with John Müller


Google’s confirmation left many SEO experts confused:

  1. Did the update refresh Panda penalties?
  2. Does Panda run now real-time?
  3. Will Panda run on a regular basis?

And many more questions.


Tips for SEO changes 2016


If you watch John Müller’s hangouts you will understand very quickly why they cause
more confusion than solve people’s problems… Because of the quality which is not the
best one, I will not post them here.

Instead, I’ve found a video with tips for the SEO changes 2016 which could be really helpful:



If you ask me now what to do with all the information… Slow down, sit back and relax.

Don’t jump on the bandwagon and don’t run after every little noise out there. If you do so and follow all the rumors about the 2016 SEO changes and Google you won’t get anywhere. You’ll find yourself in a mousetrap with no way out. 

Let things settle. Let the updates happen. Then take a look at your site and check out what you can do to implement them. 

By the way, same applies to everything else in business as well. It’s always better to take your time and think twice before making a decision.

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