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SEO and social signals to follow

What comes to your mind first when you hear people talking about SEO? Your website’s rankings, Google’s smoke and hide tactics, Google Webmaster Central with all the information what they want you to do to get those stupid rankings?! Truth is, they are true masters in masking and hiding the  most relevant ranking factors. Just think about what they told you about SEO and social signals.


What social signals are important for SEO?

When rumours started about social signals for SEO, everybody just rushed to get as many likes and shares, tweets and retweets as possible. But did they really help to rank a website? Experts say no, they did not. To remember: those social signals are not what we all thought they were. However, they help to ensure that your link profile looks more natural, and also help to increase your visibility online and traffic exposure.

Even if there is no direct ranking signal in Google’s ranking algorithm, what is important these days, are the interaction of social signals accross different social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest and many other social platforms – including, of course, Youtube and Google+.

Google has said this over and over again. There is a correlation to content ranking well in search and being shared a lot, because it is good content. But there is no direct ranking signal in Google’s ranking algorithm.
(Source: Search Engine Roundtable)

Google+ for SEO and social signals

SEO and social signals for ranking sitesGoogle+ is bigger and more powerful than you think.  That’s why you should set up your G+ account, get your site added and your authorship set up.

Provide some great content on your Google+ page and build a list of followers. Share your website content there and ask people to +1 it and share it.

Also, make sure to set up your Youtube channel with some tutorial videos that help people interested in your products or services.

That’s how you can start making a real difference to both, your traffic and rankings.

Sounds like a lot of work, doesn’t it? It surely does. But, it will definitely help you on the long run because social signals and SEO go hand in hand.

If you want to rank your site and more importantly, keep your  pages ranked, you must learn to read between the lines. That’s time consuming and sometimes a bit “too techie” for most people.

So, what else can you do to keep up with SEO changes and all the other factors, like social signals, that can influence how Google and other search engines treat your site?

First, don’t forget that there are many, very controversial information about SEO on the Internet. Second, search for webinars held by people who actually do SEO, and watch them. Third, find quality blogs like this one, written by two of the best SEOs out there, where you can learn a lot about SEO and social signals in a free training series.

Let me know if you would like to read more about Google’s SEO and social signals and I’ll dive in
a bit deeper.


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