Books on Success

Why to speak about books on success? Are they so outstanding, are they so important, why should you read them? That’s what this page is about.

If you think about changing something in your life, if you want to practice personal development not only study it, you must develop a healthy sense for success. And to start with, we recommend to read this article or at least, to start with the short summary titled Procrastination Kills Success. You’ll discover how strongly success is tied to failure and, how similar the fear of succes is to the fear of failure…

Books on Success

No, we’re not talking here about self-motivation, self-suggestion, self-hypnosis or any other method to get yourself on the right track. We’re talking here about developing the right mindset, the ability to become successful and the skills to face success when it comes your way. That’s what books on success can help you with.

Procrastination kills success. Fear of failure kills success. But, the fear of having success kills success as well. That’s why you’d better prepare yourself and learn about the shift in your life that comes along with success. And, we strongly recommend to start by reading books on success because it’s the easiest way to get started.

Beware your mind of bad information

From day one your mind soaks up information and experiences. Sometimes they are good because uplifting, sometimes they are bad because discouraging. From all this “input” you form your behavior and your beliefs while you grow up.

So depending on what you feed it with, your mind can be your best friend or your worst enemy.

What happens is, your conscious mind tends to remember especially the bad information and experiences as a form of self protection. The downside is that this can cause a blockage that many times stands between you and your goals.

Prepare your mind for success

Your sub-conscious mind accepts commands without questioning them. So if you feed it with positive messages, blockages can end and barriers fall.

Can you imagine now what happens with your mind if you read books on success? Exactly, you feed your sub-conscious mind with positive affirmations and by doing that you aka “overwrite” those bad, discouraging information your conscious mind has saved to prevent you from some bad things happening to you. Prepare your mind for success, put yourself in the right mindset, start reading!

Of course, there are other powerful methods to achieve that as well. We will talk about that more in depth in one of the following posts, so stay tuned. But don’t underestimate the value of reading!

Here are some books on success we recommend to start with:



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