On the Resources page we will present companies we work with and tools we use. These are free and paid tools, but in each case these are tools you can rely on, tools that actually work.

What is the Resources page about?

Our resources are tools and information on:

  • Advertising
  • Autoresponders
  • Domain registration and hosting
  • Time management and planning
  • Mindmapping
  • Translation

Why do we add these resources? Here is why:

New visitors

come to these pages every day. Many of them are new to the online business industry, new to the internet marketing industry, many of them are even new to the Internet.

These pages filed under Resources are created to provide an accurate overview about what tools you really need to get started, where to find them, how to get them and quick tips on how to use them.

The right tools

To find the right tools can represent the first big challenge in your career as an online entrepreneur. You can choose from tons of information on websites, blogs, videos, books, etc. But, where to look for resources,
where to start? And what to start with?

Who tells you whether the tools you’ve just found or the information on them  are reliable? Whether the company you plan to work with, is really trustworthy? For sure, you can “google” all that. But, the information you’ll find there can become the next hurdle. Here is why:

Internet scam

What makes you sure you can rely on the information you find on search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing,
Ask, KuleSearch, etc.? Is it true or false if you read review pages from marketers talking about the huge benefits of some newly released software? Will you be able to actually use that software without any skills, as they often claim?

Perhaps you have a professional background which makes you able to find out on your own how that piece of program works. Unfortunately, most people starting out online don’t have that. They rely on those bold claims and buy one piece of software after the other, save them on their hard drive and hope for the video tutorials and the webinars provided by the seller to make it work. Well, in many cases this actually works – somehow.
But, you’d better not listen to offers like that. Get the skills you need before you head out to the next adventure and buy another software!

So here is the other reason to put time and effort in creating pages like this one: to make people aware of Internet scam. With that in mind, go read the review pages again!

The need of reliable, trustworthy information

is a fact, simply because of the amount and the variety of information out there. With thousands of new websites and millions of new videos going live every day it doesn’t get easier to find the right information.

Check back from time to time and see what changed, which new information we added. By doing so, you can save yourself much time, money and frustration and, you can shorten your learning curve.

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