Product Reviews Can Be Tricky

If you write product reviews there are some serious rules to be considered to avoid to get punished. Yes, writing and publishing product reviews on the Internet can be very tricky and most people don’t even realize that. They think a review has to be seen as a personal opinion – that’s not the case.

Truth is, you could face fines or legal repercussions should you falsely promote  products or services for personal gain. So… always check the facts and the newest rules before you write and publish product reviews!

Tricky Product Reviews by Mastermind Coaching And Consulting

There are several rules to be respected when you’re promoting a product or service on your blog. These rules apply to guest reviews hosted on your blog as well. One of the organizations who make these rules, is the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). The FTC publishes guidelines on endorsements that outline what you can do and what not when you endorse a product or service. Check them out before starting any kind of promotion!

Here are some general rules on product reviews:


  • If you receive some form of compensation for your review,
    this should be disclosed somewhere in the review
  • Do not review things you have not tried yourself
  • Do not pretend you liked a product when you did not like it,
    even if you received a compensation to write a review
  • Don’t make claims about a product or service that are not backed by
    research or real proof
  • Avoid making claims like “this is the best product in the world” or
    “this product will change your life”
  • Focus only on products and services that are of interest to your audience,
    don’t promote “everything”

These are only a few important tips you should consider, so again: please check out  the guidelines before you decide to promote any kind of product or service and make sure that your promotions adhere to them.

Think about your reputation as a blogger and about how quickly you can lose your audience’s trust. Do it the right way and avoid to get punished for your product reviews!

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