Procrastination Kills Success

What makes people successful and why procrastination kills success? Why some types of people fear success? Find some ideas in this curated excerpt of an article:


“(…) successful people have an idea in mind, about something that’s important to them,
about something that they want to get or achieve. They have a vision that carries them over obstacles, helps them to face setbacks or whatever other issues in business or in life.
They are not willing to “sacrifice” their vision, not willing to give up or quit.(…)

(About “Public Figures”)
Although they are used to public and publicity and, to a certain extent, they
even need it, these people can suffer extremely from the fear of success.
Just imagine what life looks like for VIPs like actors, singers, writers, etc.
What ever they say or do, where ever they go they’re never alone, they might
completely lose their privacy. The loss of privacy can make them fear success
as much as they fear failure…” 
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