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When I did some research yesterday I’ve noticed that there are very few information about a personal development plan that actually shows you how to get started, a guide that you can follow step by step.

So I went back to the personal development articles to find, curate and re-post here an excerpt for you
but also to give you the opportunity to read the original article that will show you how to get started the
fastest possible:

” (…) The personal development information guide will answer two important questions:
what you can do
and, how you can do it to get started the right way:

1. Read

For most people, reading is the best way to learn. But if you’re just skimming through and don’t read thoroughly those posts, articles or books about personal development, you won’t be able to benefit from them to the fullest. Reading thoroughly means also (…)

2. Verify

Verify the information you’ve read. Check out more than one resource and compare the results, compare (…)”

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Note: Personal development is a process and therefore, you will need a strategy to achieve. A personal development plan can guide you step by step through the process and make sure that you take the right
action at the right time.


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