Penguin 2.0 – Shocking Observation

The Internet-world is shocked again by Google’s latest Penguin 2.0 update. It looks like everyone is screeming and licking their wounds. But somebody made a truly shocking observation after Penguin 2.0… so please read carefully.

What I’m about to share with you can be a real eye opener when it comes to SEO. No, I don’t want you to head over to your site(s) and start another SEO-“improvement” tour. Don’t panic, stay calm. Watch first what the nice little Penguin 2.0 does to your site(s), wait for reliable information and then take action, ok?

A shocking observation after Penguin 2.0

Do you remember what we’ve been told and taught about what Google loves? Quality information, great, unique content, and of course, quality backlinks. Here is a Matt Cutts video:



Because there are so many sometimes contradicting information out there right now, I want to share with you
a little piece of information which could be one of the most interesting ones you’ve read about Big G’s love after the latest Penguin update.

A few hours ago I received an email from a well-known Internet professional who shared this truly surprising and at the same time shocking observation after Penguin 2.0 hit his sites. He discovered this when checking
his latest rankings and watching some of his pages moving up and down the rankings. It’s hard to believe what he shared but this guy really knows his stuff.

Here’s the short version of the story:

As a professional marketer, he has many sites ranking for great keywords. Penguin 1.0 hit his sites and now Penguin 2.0 as well. So he put himself to work and started analyzing what happened. Long story short, after the latest update a .com-site with re-optimized content outranked .net and .org sites with unique content. Can you believe this happening after Penguin 2.0?! And does this mean that Google loves duplicate content now?!
I wish I could answer this question.

You see, I cannot check what happened over there. My own sites are still sitting where they’ve been before Penguin 2.0…


Shocking Observation After Penguin 2.0


However, please don’t take everything for granted… Check your sites’ content and rankings. And perhaps you make the same shocking observation after Penguin 2.0 – if so, let me know, ok?


Sometimes it’s helpful to get back and watch some older videos just like this one about what Google calls duplicate content!

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