Life Just Happens…

When did you last experience that life just happens? Listen…

We had some great webinars on Social Media Management lately, including SSL and all the new stuff,
all the upcoming changes on Facebook. And so we started implementing the new stuff  in our existing sites
and creating those great looking fanpages. We moved forward quickly. Everything was working, the
website showed up correctly, the new fanpages over at Facebook worked fine and got amazing results.
We just felt good about our achievements.

Then, 2 days ago, IT happened.
Out of nothing.
No one even touched the website or the fanpages.
No more access to the databases, no more access to the website – nothing.
Life just happens…
The Facebook pages have been working though.

The guys over at Hostgator managed to restore parts of our databases, but then, strange enough,
parts of the Facebook fanpage showed up on the main website. Hmmm…

What followed, were endless hours of investigating, of live support and mailing questions to Hostgator,
checking everything on our side,  getting checked everything on their side. No results.

Today, about 2 hours ago, we decided to restore our backup again.
Lucky us, we did backup regularly!
At least, we got our website up and running again.

What is really frustrating: there is no answer, no explanation for what happened.
However, we will not stop investigating on this issue. There MUST be a glitch somewhere.


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