Life Coaching Is Your Safe Haven

Life Coaching is  your safe haven to talk about, define and develop your abilities to reach out for and attain your goals. This is my very personal definition about what life coaching really is.

If you ask yourself questions like:
– Who am I?
– What am I struggling with?
– What is important to me?
– What are the challenges I have to face?
– What am I looking for?
– What are the goals in my life?
– What do I want to achieve in life?

In other words, everything that affects your private life.

This relates in many ways to Business Coaching. In fact, sometimes it’s hard to divide them because
private life issues can massively influence your business life and vice versa, business life issues can have
a positive or negative effect on your private life.

And, life coaching is your safe haven because in a life coaching session you find the safety, privacy and the environment you need to talk about your life issues.

You could address here for example how to:
– Get more support from your family
– Achieve better understanding
– Get and show appreciation
– Deal with anger and frustration at home
– Accept yourself as the person you are
– Find time for yourself and the things you love
– Find out what you’re missing in your life
– Discover your own way to meet your personal goals

and so much more.

This may sound strange when talking about a “safe haven” but if you find yourself  in some private struggles (partnership, finances, kids, elder parents – just to name a few), it won’t sound strange anymore. This is the place to go to and get help from.

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