Latest EMD Google Updates

In this article we’ll talk about the latest EMD Google updates that, again, confused so many users.
So let’s start with…

What are EMDs?

EMDs or Exact Match Domains are domains which have the main keyword or keyphrase in the domain name. Why did so many people love to use exact match domains? Well, back those days, an exact match domain was aka “guarantee” to rank high(er) with Google. And let’s make this clear upfront:

Exact match domains used to work in the past and still work today.

For quite some time exact match domains worked very well. But as usual, if people realize that something works they want to get out more of it – and they start overdoing things. Very clever marketers created hundreds of sites using exact match domains – just like those tiny little niche sites with 3-4 articles and reviews on them, made for one specific type of product (i.e.  HDTV-sites, selling TVs or other higher priced items from Amazon, using an Amazon associate (affiliate) link). Back then, it was not very difficult to rank high for specific keywords. But now things changed: Google decided to give more relevance to authority, fresh and unique content and to a positive user experience.

We all love to sell Amazon products as much as we love to buy on Amazon. Because it’s simple and easy, they provide reliable service and fast delivery. So where is the catch when it comes to selling an affiliate product on a website of your own? As usual, in overdoing things.


Google EMD Penalty by Mastermind Coaching And Consulting


Google does not penalize EMDs

Google does NOT penalize exact match domains. It’s your choice whether you use an exact match domain or not, it’s your choice how you name your domain. There are PROs and CONs for both. And nobody can tell you what the requirements will look like in 2-4 years time.

Guess what happened

Here is the story:

Tons of so called money sites have been created and published across the web for years. At first, only a few people knew how to create and how to make them work and make real money with them. Then this “strategy” was made public.  And, guess what? Lots of marketers jumped on that, created site after site, hoped for the big money. Some of them made big bucks and there still are marketers with more than 600 sites “working” for them. Do they still make money? Probably.

Over the time, more and more of those sites appeared on the Internet: 1-2-page sites with one article or a review of the product, the product description, price and the buy-button. Scraped content, rewritten articles, in Google’s eyes no quality content.

Mini sites, micro sites, micro niche sites, money sites… Have you heard about them? For sure, you have. Well, there’s a lot more to say about them but today we want to focus on the latest EMD Google updates.

With the latest changes, many of those sites are gone. And the marketers who spent time and money creating those sites? They are now desperately looking for that “one loophole” that helps them rank back their sites.
Or: they search for new ways to gain back their rankings.

Where ever you go these days you stumble upon new webinars, software, trainings – all kind of stuff. Some marketers claim they’ve found some strange “loopholes” again, loopholes Google has no idea they exist. Hmmm…

Do you still believe that Google doesn’t know what happens?! Do you still think there are real loopholes worth to be exploited Google has not idea about? You‘d better believe that Google would close them as soon as they get notice of them.

  • “Google did it again… “
  • “Google penalized exact match domains…”
  • “Hit a lot of sites again…”
  • “How to recover from the latest updates?”

Anything sound familiar to you?

What ever Google may come up with next:
I think we’d better learn from what happened.

What we should learn from Google’s changes:

  • Not to jump on each and every new strategy or software
    promising to be the one and only solution to a problem
  • Not to search for loopholes and try to cheat Big G
    but to use our own creativity and skills
  • Create and publish relevant content of our own
    not re-used, rewritten or re-translated content
  • Respect Google’s TOS
  • Use Google’s tools and services to our own benefit
    because that’s what they’ve been made for!

Does this change everything?

No, not really. All these requirements still remain the same:

  • Providing relevant content
  • Doing in-depth keyword research
  • Ranking well in Google
  • Generating free traffic

And one more time:

  • EMDs are NOT penalized by Google


So… What’s up with the latest EMD Google updates? A storm in the water glass? At least, it looks like. Below you’ll find links to some more reading about how other people deal with that problem. Remember, the topic is very controversial. Read, compare, think about it – then decide. And if you want to share your thoughts with me, your comments are highly appreciated. Just hit the comment button below.


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2 Responses to“Latest EMD Google Updates”

  1. Owen E. Richason IV
    November 27, 2012 at 5:44 pm #

    “Create and publish relevant content of [your] own, not re-used, rewritten or re-translated content.” Couldn’t agree more.

    Google and Bing are trying to deliver the best information in each search query. That’s important to the end-user. It also makes the Internet a better resource.

    • November 29, 2012 at 6:16 pm #

      Thanks for your comment, Owen. After Google’s Penguin many “copycats” are in serious need of unique and fresh content. What do you think, what makes an article really worth reading? What gives you a positive reading experience?

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