Is It Important to Have a Blog?

Going through the comments, I’ve found this question posted: “How important is it to have a blog?”
And the answer is… it all depends. Not what you were looking for, huh? Let me explain:

Is it important to have a blog
Blogging can help you become an authority in your niche, get in touch with your prospects and connect with future clients or customers, and more importantly, to get more free traffic… And that’s what everyone needs out there, right?
So what do you think, how important is it to have a blog?


What’s the purpose of your website, and what do you want to use your blog for?

Simply put, whether you run a blog or not really depends on what you want to do, what you want to use it for.
You see, if you want to use your site for branding purposes, either for branding yourself or your company,
maybe even a new product or service of yours, you would not necessarily want to create a website with lots of affiliate offers on it. But with a blog on it, you could provide additional great content about related products and services to help your audience, i.e. with product reviews.

Ready-made company websites with a blog

If you use a website which is a ready-made company website, focusing on the company, their products and services, let them do the work and run a blog. The problem with these websites is that you’re all set, you have
a website but you cannot change and modify the site as you’d like to, to make it more personal, to really make it “yours”. Mostly, they are set up as a subdomain within the company’s main domain and you have no permission to access the admin area.

Many MLM businesses used to work like this, providing their representatives free websites and expecting them to drive traffic to that site to make some sales. I’m not involved with MLM anymore, so I cannot tell you whether this still works like it used to 3 – 4 years back. Meanwhile, with all the changes in SEO and in Google’s and Facebook’s terms, it might get rather difficult to drive free traffic to these sites.

What I’d suggest is, make your own website OR blog (you don’t necessarily need both) for the products and services you want to sell whenever you can do it – of course, only if the company you work for allows you to do that. Doing it without their official permission can cause you serious trouble.

Your own website with a blog

Setting up a website and running a blog on it still makes sense these days if you want to build a list, sell your own products and services, but also if you want to join affiliate marketing and have multiple, related products and services to offer to your site’s visitors.

Now, before you even start thinking about WordPress, what theme to use or whether you should set up your blog in the root or in a directory… Make sure you know who and where your prospects are. Also, choose products and services which people are looking for. Make a plan first, start mapping out what the purpose of your website is and if you want to run a blog on it, make sure you can provide unique and fresh content about your topic on a regular basis. That can help a lot…


Last but not least, whether you decide to run a website with a blog or without it, prepare yourself for a long journey with many changes and ongoing learning. You’ve heard about Google’s “animal farm”, the Pandas, Penguins and the latest one, Hummingbird – and there is more to come. Google says they should return better search results – but for you that means a lot of additional work each time some change occurs and a new “animal” appears… To wrap it up, let me ask you this: are you ready to become a blogger?


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  1. August 7, 2015 at 8:48 pm #

    Sometimes, you’ve to state what folks don’t want to think about. I respect you for that.

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