How Not To Install Plugins

I sincerely apologize for my site being down for some days… I tried to figure out how not to install plugins. 🙂

Here’s what happened:

Last week I decided to upload some WP plugins to connect my site to Twitter and Facebook and to install a second “Category” for the Legal terms. Empowered by the first installations which worked fine, I started setting up the second category. It was well described and seemed to be easy to implement. For some reason I made a full backup before and just a few minutes later I knew why I’d made it…

My site has gone broke, no access neither at the front end nor at the back end.

I went to the forums tried to find some help there. I tried everything I was told to do, nothing worked. After about 2 days of  messing around, I had to admit that I cannot do that myself. Finally, I mailed my hosting company for help. They asked me if I knew “how to ftp”, means here: how to upload the backup file.

Hmmm… blood, sweat and tears (well, not really…) For good reason I don’t like playing around with things I do not fully understand.

But here it was again: the big challenge. I opened up FileZilla. Clicked on the icon to open the file and popped in the required information. Error message. Think again, I said to myself. Where are those information you have to insert in the boxes? Ping, there it was, the big lightbulb. Try again. YAY! This time it worked.

The guy over at Hostgator solved the problem within minutes. My site was up and running again.

First, I deleted all those plugins I’d installed before the crash and guess what? I installed a plugin that allows multiple plugin installations within minutes. In just 5 minutes I had 12 plugins installed and activated. That’s “push-button” at it’s finest. Great job, Joshua D. Boxer!

Bottom line: You cannot know or do everything.
Sometimes you need help. What counts is to get the help you need when you need it.
And then you can handle even bigger challenges than how not to install plugins.

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