GTranslate to Translate A Website

Today’s post is about using GTranslate to translate a website in, I believe 58 or so, languages. So let’s get started…

About 2 years ago I posted a message on Google’s Webmaster Blog asking for a solution on how to get my website translated in 4 more languages without running into the problem with the “duplicate content”.

Apart from some very techie ones, I didn’t get a real solution presented in the responses. I’ve been looking for something easy-to-use and to implement, nothing where I had to change files, download and upload by doing FTP, etc. So for quite a long time, I couldn’t figure out how to get that issue solved – till today, when I stumbled upon GTranslate to translate a website.

You know how much I love “new toys”, so without further delay I downloaded the plugin, uploaded it to this site and put myself to work on the settings. I was really prepared to face some new challenges but, nope. The free version worked like a charm.

Of course, it’s not a translation done by a human being, robots are robots. However, as I told you it’s a free version, it works and for those who need a translation quickly, it’s a nice tool. You can have it set up and running within 5 minutes.

Watch this short video to see what I’m talking about:



They offer a free version with the most important features, a PRO version for €79 per domain wich is said to be search engine friendly and, beside other features, you can edit the translated text, and a ENTERPRISE version for € 15/month with features like language hosting, translation delivery network, etc. using the cloud technology. Oh yes, and they also offer a 30 days money-back guarantee.

As you see, the PRO version of GTranslate to translate a website  is rather expensive because you have to buy the plugin for each site. Just think about people having 50+++ sites… What would be helpful is an affordable multi-site licence. Compared to PRO, the ENTERPRISE version seems to be the better solution. But, I will take another look at that one and you should do it as well before buying!

There is an affiliate program associated  where you can get 20% on every sale made through your link.

I used here the free version for my testings. Seriously, I’ve rarely seen a solution as easy to implement as this one and it covers the most important features you need. If you want to “go global” you may want to give it a try.

I’ve almost forgotten to tell you about the download from the WordPress Plugins site: be careful guys with this one because it looks like an earlier version and does not allow to access the settings. So if you want to download the plugin, click on this link and  download it from the developer site. Use the link I’ve set up for you and you’re good to go. And no, it’s not an affiliate link.

Another thing I’ve noticed though is, that some parts of the website are not translated as well as they should be. So sometimes it might be more useful to get a dictionary… Also, the site’s title is translated as well and that does not necessarily make the site or the translation itself better. However, as I said it’s a free tool and it works.

As far as I’m concerned, I’ll do some more testing on that plugin but, I’m already thinking about upgrading to a paid version.  And, if I decided to join the affiliate program you would find the banner with the affiliate link in the widgets area. So… if you decided then to buy through my link, I’d say “many thanks”!

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