How to Create Images Easily

Would you like to know how to create images easily, images for your blogposts, articles or what ever else you need images for?

Well, there is a great variety of scripts and software out there that you can use. Unfortunately, most of them are not as easy to use as they are claimed to be and even the often sold graphics packages require some technical skills like changing titles, colors, headers, etc. or uploading files. So if you’re new to the business you’d better stay with a simple tool that you can use without any hassle. Other tools will come your way as you move forward…

Here is an example:


Discover how to Create Images Easily by


The little tool we used here is Wordle (TM), an applet that allows you to use your own text and create an image strongly related to your post or article, an image that you own and nobody else has.

Why should you create your own images?

Here are 8 reasons:

  1. They are absolutely unique
  2. They relate to the posted content
  3. You can define the text
  4. You can insert your keywords
  5. You can create them for free
  6. You can make changes easily
  7. You don’t need to outsource anything
  8. YOU OWN them, copyright them!


Why would you want to create images easily?

Creating your own images makes a difference, not only because you don’t have to bother about copyrights but also because they are really unique. However, you need time and inspiration to create them. The right tools are big time savers and that’s why you should focus on tools which are simple and easy to use.

Of course, there are many graphics programs out there, mostly paid ones. Among those I’ve tested there are very few that I’ve actually used for a longer period of time. Why? Because most of them had too many features and they were way too time consuming to learn and apply. As a  “normal” user you don’t necessarily have to become a graphics expert to create your own images. However, we’ll talk about them as well.

Create images easily with the right tools

With the right tools, you can create images easily, images that you own and you can put your copyright on. Please keep in mind: to start with, choose simple and easy to use tools with the features you really need. Don’t buy complicated scripts and software if you’re not sure you can use them. You’d better go first with a “light” version which actually helps you save time and money. Have fun creating your own images!

To learn how to use Wordle (TM) go here.


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