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The new Google Disavow Links Tool seems to have “hit” hard the community. People have already started to remove links from their sites or they try to get them removed again by former link building services. Seriously.

How to use Google Disavow Links Tool by Mastermind Coaching And Consulting


So what happened?

Here is an excerpt from the Webmaster Central blogpost:

“First, a quick refresher. Links are one of the most well-known signals we use to order search results. By looking at the links between pages, we can get a sense of which pages are reputable and important, and thus more likely to be relevant to our users. This is the basis of PageRank, which is one of more than 200 signals we rely on to determine rankings. Since PageRank is so well-known, it’s also a target for spammers, and we fight linkspam constantly with algorithms and by taking manual action.”

Prior to that, Google decided to “dislike” some of the most popular public link building networks and to penalize their further use. With that step, the often used link building services became “obsolete” – link exchanges, other link schemes, and many businesses providing them, are gone.  Gone forever? At least as long as Google doesn’t come up with another decision.

What does Google say about the Disavow Links Tool?

No worries, it’s not that hard to understand. First, check out Matt Cutts’ video here, watch it carefully –
you’ll understand why in a few minutes:


Done? Nice video, isn’t it? And it tells you all… Ok.

You and the Disavow Links

Have you used link building services to get backlinks built for you?
Have you paid for links?
Have you ever been caught up in “linkspam”?
Perhaps you’ve commented on blogs not related to your niche, for backlinks only?
Or, you’ve made some “spammy” comments on other sites?

No? That’s great. Then there is no need to worry about the new tool. But please be careful if you see a message in the Webmaster Tools about some “unnatural links” pointing to your site. Google will send you  this message when ever they see evidence of paid links, link exchanges, or other link schemes violating their guidelines, as mentioned above.

Then you should take action. Do it with caution, don’t disregard their warning. The Google Disavow Links Tool is an advanced feature and should be used with caution!

Google Disavow Links Tool Warning by


So if you ask now whether you should use this tool, here is Google’s official answer:

“No. The vast, vast majority of sites do not need to use this tool in any way.
If you’re not sure what the tool does or whether you need to use it, you probably shouldn’t use it.”

However, before you make up a final decision go to the official site for more in-depth information.


Also, you can read more about the new tool here

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