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One of the fundamental things you need to get your online business up and running is to get more visitors to your site. And I’m talking here about real people interested in what you do, interested in what product or service you have to offer.

Visitors vs Buyers

You could say now “I don’t need visitors to grow my business, I need buyers interested in my products or services”. That’s true. But, please note: people will buy from you only if they see value in what you offer, and
more importantly, if you give them the chance to know, like and trust you. And that doesn’t happen over night.

These days it’s not so easy anymore to motivate people to read an article or even to watch a video. Everyone is in a hurry, and if they are searching for information they want to get them instantly. That’s why you should work continually on your site. Make it worth the time people spend on it. Make it informative and valuable to get more visitors to check it out. The more people visit your site the easier it gets to grow your own community and with that, to grow your business.


How to get more visitors?

How to get more visitors to your site by


Here are 7 tips on how to get more visitors to your site, 7 tips on what you can do to reach out to more people and grow a community:

1) Create useful content
As I’ve already mentioned, you need to invest some time and effort because the key to get more people to your site is the useful content you created. When people come to your site, the more value they get out of what you write about, the more likely it is that they will come back to get more information.

2) Regular and well-written articles and posts
It is absolutely essential to write regularly and to write well, to make your articles and posts interesting and provide value to your audience. In turn, they will come back to your site and you’ll slowly develop a truly loyal community.

3) Comment and answer comments
This is only one small step of many, but it’s an important one.

Comment on articles or posts on other blogs related to your niche and make sure that you post your own URL along with your comment. This way you create backlinks to your own site or blog and backlinks are what Google wants to see!

If people comment on your site, never forget to answer them. Respond to the comments in a positive way, in a conversational mode. If people ask you a question, make sure you give them the correct answer. Make it clear and easy to understand.

4) Optimize your site for the Search Engines
To increase the chances of being noticed by the search engines you should post individual, unique content frequently and regularly. Don’t copy and paste from other sites, put your own content out there.

Of course, there is much more to do if you want the search engines to find your site faster. But, the purpose of this article is not to turn you into a SEO-guru within the next 10 minutes. We’ll talk about on-page and off-page SEO in another article. Today’s topic is how to get more visitors to your site.

However, let’s stop for a few minutes and talk a bit about backlinks. I know, there are tons of offers out there about how you can get 10,000 and more backlinks for $10 or $20. Do not rely on them. Always try to build your own quality backlinks because they are genuine and that’s what search engines are looking for. Using cheap “backlinking services” can badly damage your site’s or blog’s rankings. Do yourself a favor and stay away from those cheap package offers.

5) Use news, trends and launches
People love to read about news and trends and they are eager to know when some new product or service is getting launched. So depending what niche you are in, you can use Google’s free services to learn about news, trends and upcoming product launches.

Here’s the link to Google’s hot trends site  where you can discover what’s hot right now. What’s up today? Now… Today it’s about Sylvia Kristel, the Dutch actress and international sex star in the 70s who died at the age of 60, Google’s recent trouble with the stock drop, 49ers, etc. etc.

You can use some of these information to create new articles or posts for your site, even curate the original article and refer back to the original source (never forget to do that!) and you’ll always provide up-to-date, fresh and trendy content to your audience, a content worth reading.

6) What would you like to read about?
Think about that: what would you like to read about and would that be interesting to your audience as well? Follow that thought and you’ll get tons of ideas! Use your Notepad or Wordpad and create a list of ideas and when ever you run out of inspiration, check your list and see what ideas you’ve already came up with!

One more last tip:

7) Always treat your visitors the way you would like to be treated.

All these tips together will help you a lot to get more people to your blog or website by giving them what they are interested in, what they are looking for. Publish your own articles and posts with informative, entertaining (where appropriate) but always unique content of value. For sure, this will help to solve the problem on how to get more
visitors to your site. At the same time this will grow your audience, a community already waiting for your next post or article.

Let me know how you’re doing.

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