Facebook Custom Tabs

Today’s article is about the Facebook custom tabs and custom pages: what they are, why use them, what to
use them for and how.

They have been around for quite some time now, the Facebook custom tabs. Many businesses use them –
but very often, business owners don’t know exactly how to use them to connect with existing customers or with  prospects.


FAcebook Custom Tabs and Custom Pages by mastermind-coaching-and-consulting.com



What are Facebook custom tabs?

Just take a look at those icons under the “Like” button of your fanpage, just like the one showing the number of  “Likes” your page has. They allow you create custom pages like: optin pages, product pages, video pages and much more inside your fanpage. They are fully customizable with HTML and you can put there almost anything you want. As per today, there are no significant restrictions from Facebook.

You may have already heard terms like:

  • Custom Tabs
  • Apps or Applications
  • Custom Landing Pages

Don’t let anyone or anything confuse you. They all mean  the same thing: custom tabs, the “home” of your custom pages inside your fanpage.


What to use Facebook custom tabs for?

Depending on what kind of fanpage you created, whether it is a fanpage for branding, a website or a fanpage
for an offline business, you can direct the visitors of your page to offers or services relevant to your business,
let them subscribe to your newsletter or provide a phone number to call you during your business hours.

The most important decision to make at this point is what to put on your custom tabs, what would your audience
expect to see there, what would actually help your business. As the expert in your niche, you are the only one who can answer these questions. How you use the Facebook custom tabs depends on the purpose of the page and more importantly, on your goals.

You see, if you sell infoproducts online your audience expects to see and learn about them. If you have an offline business your future customers would expect to see probably your name, phone number and address. They would also expect to learn about what services you have to offer or what your products look like. Therefore, don’t forget your email and website address.

Next, you should think about

  • What action do you want your users to take;
  • How do you communicate with them;
  • What does your audience respond to.

Also, you should create a signup page, providing something of value in exchange to the visitors’ email addresses. When people subscribe, they will be added to your email autoresponder with the ready to go messages in it.

If your audience is more seasoned you should think about providing a phone number because it is more likely that they would prefer to call you. A younger audience is more likely to go for email subscription and text messaging. You can interview them to find out which one is the best way to communicate with them.

However, the email sequences or text messages should provide even more value to them, perhaps some more training on a specific topic. You must build up trust first. Allow your visitors to know who you are and to decide whether they like you/your company/your products or not. People need to know, like, trust you (K-L-T principle) before they are willing to buy. Remember: people love to buy but no one wants to be sold on something.


What size are the Facebook custom tabs?

They are 111 pixels wide by 74 pixels high. If you want to upload your own images for the custom tabs, it’s highly recommended to create the images to the exact size. Right now, you can have up to 12 tabs.


Reordering the Facebook custom tabs

You can reorder the icons, except the one called “Photos”. How to do that? It’s simple:

  1. To reorder the tabs, click on the arrow at the far right of the row of tabs
  2. As you hover over a tab, click the pencil icon to bring up the dropdown box
  3. Click on “Swap position with”
  4. Move the tabs around until you have your preferred order


Learn to use the power of the Facebook custom tabs, stay connected to your existing customers and get connected with new people interested in what you have to offer.


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