Do YOU Have A Smartphone Yet?

Last weekend a friend asked me “do you have a Smartphone yet?” Well, I have to admit that I don’t own one yet. But, as the number of Smartphone users approaches the 1 billion, it is very likely that it won’t take long and I’ll have one as well. So here is my question to you:

Do YOU have a Smartphone yet?

It looks like almost nobody is using “old mobiles” anymore… except me. What about you? Do you have a Smartphone yet and if so, how do you like it? If you’re like most people I know who own one, you don’t make
a single step without it, right? But, let me ask you this:

Do we really need Smartphones?

What do you think? I would not consider Smartphones to be something we really need… But:

Young people love them. They have fun browsing the web, searching for what they are interested in, they love
to share it instantly with friends and, they take action immediately.

Now, what about us, the more seasoned people? Well, I think we just need to stay up-to-date with the new mobile technique because being in business, we just need to keep up with the changes coming our way with the Smartphones.

Facts, why we should have a Smartphone:

  1. The new mobiles allow us to engage in a totally new way and, they are here to stay
  2. If they don’t have that already, they will change our lives the same way Internet did it some years back
  3. They allow fast search, locally and globally, and instant access to the information we are looking for
  4. The results are real-time results and therefore, more reliable
  5. Mobiles are very easy to handle
  6. Although they are not really cheap, people spend the money, they buy them and, they spend a lot on
    apps and games.
  7. People love them, whether they are young or more seasoned.

Why should we switch to the new mobile?

Well, the reasons are very similar: they are easy to use and provide tons of opportunities, fast, reliable and up-to-date information and totally new ways to interact with each other. Therefore, I think these kind of technical improvements should not be neglected, they should be used to our benefit.

Are you just thinking about where to find the best Smartphones to buy? Check out this site here, it’s amazing what they offer. Take a closer look at the warranty, that’s extremely important!

Next, when someone comes around and asks you “do you have a Smartphone yet”, what will your answer be? You’ll have already your own Smartphone, won’t you?  🙂


If you want to read more about mobiles here is the promised article !


P.S. This is the one I’m looking for to buy:
What do you think, would it be worth to spend the money?


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