Do You Google Now?

Yesterday I read an article about Google Now, Big G’s new project.  Titled Google Now: Do You Want Google Using Your Information In This Way?, the article was written by Chris Crum.

What is Google Now?

Not ready to go yet, Google Now it’s Google’s new service. They call it a new experience for the user and,
a “concept of getting users the info they need before they even know it, for years”.

Introducing Google Now

By making search less relevant, Google is looking to change the future of… search. Watch this short video
to get a first impression:

Did you get the idea?

What does Google Now?

Long story short, that’s what Google Now mainly does: gathers tons of your personal information and delivers  notes, short reminders on your smartphone even before you  think about that you’d need them.

Would you like to get a message in the morning telling you that you have to leave if you don’t want to be late for your first meeting? Would you like to get little messages throughout the day reminding you of all sort of things? Or, perhaps in the evening while drinking a beer with friends, a reminder about where you parked your car? Or, about the delay of your flight to Chicago the next day?

Sound sci-fi? Well, somehow it is. But the reality behind is that to provide that kind of service, Google needs tons of personal information and they will gather them from… guess who? Yes, from you.  Do you want that? Really?! Ok, it’s your choice.

What are the “Cards” in Google Now?

Google Now has 10 “cards” at launch, but they say there will be more to come. Here are the cards they start with – and the data they access:

  • Traffic – shown based on current location, location history and Web History
  • Public Transit – only shown if location services enabled
  • Next Appointment – shown based on synced calendars and current location
  • Flights – only shown if location services and Web History enabled
  • Sports – shown based on Web History
  • Places – only shown if location services enabled
  • Weather – only shown if location services enabled
  • Translation – only shown if location services enabled
  • Currency – only shown if location services enabled
  • Time At Home – only shown if location services enabled

Well, a great service is something everyone’s looking for, myself included. But somehow I don’t like to be “reminded” all day long. Even if those messages are presented so nicely that it’s hard to resist. And, I cannot “like” the idea of revealing even more personal information on Social Media platforms, on Google’s platforms and where ever else I go on the Internet. Step by step we’re getting closer and closer to Orwell’s “Nineteen-Eighty-Four” and “Big Brother”…

Having all those “cards” at your fingertips sounds fascinating and of course, it can be great to know in advance that your flight to Chicago goes one hour later. And it sounds good that you must enable the services prior to using Google Now. But… That does not make me feel really “safe” with the new features. No, I don’t like any kind of  “supervised” living.

If you want to share your thoughts about Google Now, go ahead and leave a comment.


Source: Google Now: Do You Want Google Using Your Information In This Way?


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