Create Scarcity To Sell More

Would you like to know how to create scarcity to sell more?

I was doing some research on marketing strategies when I stumbled upon this video. It’s a video made by Daniel Wagner from the UK where he shares some unusual marketing methods he discovered at Josef Zotter,
a well-known chocolatier in Innsbruck, Austria.

Watch how they create scarcity to sell more and how they make people eagerly buy even high-priced products. Remember this was taken in a noisy place, so pay close attention!

Watch the video:


Believe it or not, Mr Zotter is now lecturing at Harvard.
His principles: market your products honestly, make things interactive, involve people.
His strategies:

  • Create scarcity to sell more – he uses methods never used before in a retail shop!
  • Use variety as a “secret weapon”
  • Use the “sushi belt” and the
  • “Hiding products” method to increase customers’ interest and desire
  • Create “premium” brands

What are the principles and the strategies used and why do they work so well?

The principles: honest marketing, interact with people, involve them.
The strategies: creating scarcity with individualized, special methods that make a difference.

If you take a closer look at them you’ll recognize that these are simple and straight forward methods of marketing. They’ve been working for ages and still work.

Create Scarcity to Sell More

The strategy of creating scarcity in online marketing

In online marketing the strategy of creating scarcity is being used everywhere. It looks like there is no offer not using the scarcity factor. And it works as well as it does in the video shown above. When people see a counter, counting down days, hours, minutes and seconds and in the video the marketer is telling them that after the counter hits zero the offer will not be available anymore, they just believe that. Truth is, that many offers are still available thereafter as well.

What about you? Would you consider implementing the strategy of creating scarcity to sell more?

Do you think you could implement this method and create scarcity to sell more in your own business? Do you think you could use something similar in your business as well? Well, you’re absolutely right. Take action, try it!

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