Consulting vs Coaching

A few days ago a client asked me about consulting vs coaching. The question was why I focus so much on the consulting part with all the technical stuff here on Mastermind Coaching and Consulting and don’t publish here more topics related to coaching. He was missing the articles about business and life coaching…
Here’s the thing:

What is Consulting vs Coaching by


Facebook, Twitter, Google and site rankings

After all the changes and updates we’ve gone through this year (Facebook, Twitter, Google with Panda, Penguin, EMD…) many people tried to get their sites ranked back again on the search engines, and mainly on Google. We all know that the activity and interaction on Facebook and Twitter can highly impact on the site’s ranking on Google. Lots of more or less skilled experts provide SEO courses, trainings and webinars to help get back your ranking if your site was affected by some of those updates. All that is important stuff, no doubt about it.

But how do you want to learn and do SEO if you don’t know that you should plan your site first, or don’t know
what is
WordPress way before you start doing anything on that platform, if you struggle with basic things like choosing the right template for your future website or blog, uploading content and images, you struggle with organizing yourself and your work, and always run out of time?

Consulting vs Coaching

You may have to ask someone for help, to show you what to do and how. You may have to consult an expert
or to find a mentor who has already done what you plan to do now, to show you the how to.

But these services are mostly paid services. And what someone does not have if they start an online business is what? Money, exactly. And that’s why I focus so much on consulting vs coaching on my site: to teach new people FOR FREE and show them the basics they need to know about Internet, Internet Marketing and topics related to succeeding in business and life.

But I’ve covered the second part, means coaching vs consulting as well. I worked silently on a new site, aka sister-site to Mastermind Coaching And Consulting. And to make sure that no one is left behind, I’ll post a link or a short excerpt of each article published over there here on as well and you can decide whether it is of interest to you and you want to jump over to read the complete article or not. Also, there will be more videos in future posts. No, I’m still not convinced that watching videos is better than reading a text. YOU love them, you’ll get them. But they will be a bit different than the usual video tutorials.

Coaching vs Consulting

When it comes to coaching vs consulting I must repeat that  again: coaching is NOT teaching, not training, not showing how to do something. Coaching is guiding and helping you to find your own way, your own solutions to your business or life issues. That’s what makes business and life coaching so powerful and has already helped so many people to overcome their struggles and setbacks or get rid of roadblocks.

When should you use Consulting vs Coaching

Here is a real life example:
My first site was a blog on Blogger. Thereafter, I created a website hosted by Google. I had a vague idea about what I wanted to do and write about, but no clue what to create a category or a menu for, what plugins and widgets are and what to use them for, where to get images from, etc. You know, all those little things people new to the Internet are usually struggling with.

I learned almost everything by trial and error: I deleted my first site because I decided to use another theme, but did not know how to upload it without deleting everything I did before. I hear you laughing now… But yes, that was me in the early beginnings. Believe me, it was a looooong learning curve. Thinking back today…

  1. I would have needed some advice, someone to show me how to upload a new theme without messing up my old site. In other words, I should have consulted somebody and asked how to do it.
    That’s consulting vs coaching.
  2. I would have needed someone “to put me on the right track”, help me clarify what I wanted to do with that blog, what my goals were and how to get there.
    That’s pure coaching vs consulting.

Well, I joined each webinar I could get on, almost every training and course I could put my hands on. Night after night I was on webinars and learned from the “big boys” what I thought was necessary to know about Internet Marketing, techniques and strategies included.

There was a lot to learn, can you relate? And I learned a lot. But what I’ve noticed is this: there have always been some missing elements, some missing pieces and to find the right answers to them was  much more difficult than putting in place what I learned on the webinar itself.

Hope this example helps to clarify the importance of consulting vs coaching and vice versa. Take this as advice: use both if you want to shorten your own learning curve. Get fast where you want to be, without all the setbacks and roadblocks on the way.


Read what Wikipedia says about Consulting and Coaching
… but don’t take everything for granted! 🙂








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