Cleaning up Email Addresses in Outlook

From time to time I’m cleaning up email addresses in Outlook or more precisely: in the Outlook Auto Complete List. Because I know that sometimes the simplest things make us struggle most I post today a little guide on how to get rid of old or mistyped email addresses in Outlook.

As we know,  Outlook remembers every address we have typed in one of these fields: “To:“, “Cc:” or “Bcc:“.
This can be very helpful in case  we don’t remember anymore a name or an address because as we start typing, Outlook automatically suggest the entire contact.

Unfortunately, Outlook remembers old addresses as well as current ones and they do not make any difference between mistyped and correct addresses. And therefore, what was thought as a help can easily end up in a huge list of  “dead” addresses. That’s why from time to time I’m cleaning up email addresses in Outlook and delete all the mistyped or old ones. The question is…

How to get rid of email addresses in Outlook?

Do you know how to do that quickly and easily?

Cleaning up email addresses in Outlook by deleting them by


5 Steps to cleaning up email addresses in Outlook by deleting them:

  1. Click on the NEW icon in Outlook as if you would start writing an email;
  2. Start typing in the first name or the email address you want to delete;
  3. In the dropdown-box that opens up, you see all the email addresses
    starting with that same letter, the first address is already highlighted;
  4. Now you click the DOWN  ARROW on your keyboard to HIGHLIGHT
    the address you want to delete
  5. Next you click DELETE – Done!

If you don’t want Outlook to suggest names or addresses, you can prevent that by unchecking one little box…

How to prevent Outlook to auto-complete addresses?

You can do that and stop Outlook from further suggesting email addresses as you type:

  1. Select “Tools” from the main menu;
  2. Scroll down to “Options…” and click that;
  3. You’re on the tab named “Preferences”;
  4. Go to “Email Options”;
  5. Select “Advanced Email Options”;
  6. Scroll down to the button
    “Suggest names while completing To, Cc, Bcc fields”;
  7. UNCHECK that button;
  8. Close all the 3 windows by clicking OK – Done!


Hope this little  guide on cleaning up email addresses in Outlook will help you to get rid of addresses you don’t need anymore or to prevent you from Outlook’s auto-suggestions if you decide not to use that feature.

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