Cats Teaching Life Lessons

I love cats, do you? If so, you know how wonderful they are and unique in their personality.
But, have you ever heard about cats teaching life lessons like no one else?

Cats teaching life lessons

Cats teaching life lessons

You may have noticed already, this article will be a bit different. Because the lessons in living cats teach us
are valuable. It’s a gift they share with us for free.
If we are patient enough and willing to watch, listen
and learn. Learning from cats teaching life lessons is well worth the time.

How cats are teaching us lessons
on life

Cats are great influencers. I’ve never written about my cat and how she changed my life from
day one with her simple presence. She changed my daily routine, the shopping habits, the cooking and even the working part. Here is a good example on what it looks like to live and work with cats:



5 Life lessons my cat taught me

Her name was Minka and for more than 17 long years she had been part of my life. I cannot tell
you when she started “educating” me. She did it with a subtle, very successful approach. Today, I’d like to share with you 5  life lessons she taught me:

From one day to the other, she was there. It was in January, a cold evening, when I was given the privilege of offering her a new home. A colleague of mine had found her meowing in a garage.
Her former peeps had gone back to France and they’d just left her there. By that time, I lived on the 7th floor of a house and never ever wanted a pet. But Minka came in, looked around a bit, checked the surroundings, and.. went to sleep beyond my desk. That moment I knew that she had already chosen me as “her” new human…

That was life lesson #1 my cat taught me: whatever bad happens to you in life, put in all your efforts to make a change. Even if you don’t know yet exactly what the result will be or what you
can expect from that change, do it.

Life lesson #2 was something about meaning and purpose. Your life, just like mine and everyone else’s has meaning and purpose upfront. Unfortunately (?), we are humans. And humans often doubt in themselves or in other humans, doubt in their chances. They try to please others, often try to improve something, even… themselves.

What about you? Don’t you…

  • try to always look good,
  • be stronger than you really are,
  • treat others nicely, even if they hurt you in the past,
  • try to impress those around you,
  • fear what others think about you,
  • do things you don’t really want to, but others expect you to do them,
  • often feel like “there must be more”,
  • catch yourself searching for meaning and purpose in your life?

I made them all, those mistakes. And it took quite a while till, finally, I got it.

Not so my cat. Her life had meaning and purpose upfront, so she never even needed to care about what her human thought about her or wanted from her. And that’s why she had always done only what she considered important or relevant to her.

Life Lesson #3: Set your goal high but don’t overlook the risks

I’d often watched my cat jumping almost effortlessly to a place that, at least to me, looked impossible to reach. First, she took a long look at the place where she wanted to jump. Then she checked the distance and the landing place. Then she focused again. And then, and only then, with full attention, she jumped.

You can do the same. First, take a deep look at your goals, decide where you want to be and, if necessary, set new ones. But also check the circumstances and the risks. Next, focus on your goal and finally, take action. Even if you don’t land on the place of your desire immediately, you’ll always land on your feet.

Life Lesson #4: Always listen to your surroundings 

I loved to watch my cat sleeping. Even so many years later, thinking about that still gives me a deep feeling of warmth and safety. It always amazed me to watch her “dreaming” while perking up her ears at the smallest noise. Her ears followed every little noise and when she considered it should happen, all out of the sudden, she was fully awaken.

Listening to people, listening to your surroundings in this noisy world has become difficult.
But, that’s exactly what you should do if you don’t want to lose your loved ones, friends, people who are important to you. There is a lot going on, and if you listen closely to the important noises around you, you will be able to act or react the right way. So never stop listening attentively. It will prevent you from bad decisions and setbacks.

Life Lesson #5: Stop making huge plans, start living in the moment

Oh yes, my cat was the best example for living in the moment. No plans, no obligations. Her human was in charge of food and all the other wonderful things in her life. When she felt like, she just moved to another seat or another room. Finding a door closed was not a hindrance to her, she could open the doors. Or, she just jumped on the table although that always caused massive trouble.
And then, there were those wonderful moments when she put her little head in my hands, closed her eyes as if she was saying okay, go ahead, I’m ready.

Just like many others, you tend to make plans and perhaps you love to make plans. And sometimes you simply need to make plans. You plan your days, weeks, months and in business, even years. You plan your birthday, your wedding, your holidays, just to name a few. With all that planning in mind, don’t forget to enjoy the given moment. Follow the path of the cats teaching life lessons and start living in the “here and now”or you won’t be able to enjoy the fruits of your hard work, your achievements.

Cats teaching life lessons like ninjas

Cats are true ninjas in mastering life. If you have a cat in your house take your time to watch and listen. They can console to help you overcome some of your life’s struggles. They can show you what it means to work step by step toward a goal. They can teach you how to make a difference between important and non-important. They can show you how to get what you really want.
And so much more – if you let them teach you lessons on life.

So… that was quite a lot about cats teaching life lessons. If you enjoyed this post please share your thoughts by commenting below.

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