5 Tips to Avoid Christmas Stress

Are you in Christmas stress these days filled with rush and hurry, cooking and baking, buying presents, sending out invitations? Well, it’s Christmas time again…   For most people, this is a fun time of year, filled with happiness and joy. And I really hope you too belong to the happy folks who love and enjoy Christmas. For […]

Cats Teaching Life Lessons

I love cats, do you? If so, you know how wonderful they are and unique in their personality. But, have you ever heard about cats teaching life lessons like no one else? Cats teaching life lessons You may have noticed already, this article will be a bit different. Because the lessons in living cats teach […]

4 Tips to A Balanced Life

Living a balanced life – most people dream about that. Do you? Well, let’s face the reality. Most people simply don’t have the financial freedom that would allow them to live a balanced life, won’t you agree? Some of you are caught in a 9 to 5 job working in something you don’t really like. […]

When You Hit Roadblocks In Life

Hard to believe but my last article is dated… Oh no.  Sorry for that.  But when you hit roadblocks in life you’re forced to stop doing everything else and face the new situation. Goals and roadblocks Talking about goal setting, coaches used to say “define your goals and stick to them whatever comes your way”. […]

What is on your plate today?

I titled this post what is on your plate today but I should add what do you do when you have too much to do as a subtitle here. And here is why: I’ve just finished an article about the benefits of coaching and consulting for individuals and for businesses or organizations. I’ve done another […]

Love Yourself First

What comes to my mind each time I find myself in a situation where everybody or everything else “counts”, where everything else is “highly” important but me, are the words of my first coach telling me: “Love yourself first”. To love oneself can be truly hard to learn, especially when you haven’t been doing that for […]

Procrastination Kills Success

What makes people successful and why procrastination kills success? Why some types of people fear success? Find some ideas in this curated excerpt of an article:   “(…) successful people have an idea in mind, about something that’s important to them, about something that they want to get or achieve. They have a vision that […]

Types of Fear

People like you and I often face setbacks and roadblocks in business and in life, we have to face success as well as fear and failure and therefore, one of the most important things we have to learn is how to handle and  how to live with the different types of fear. Business people are […]

Life Coaching Is Your Safe Haven

Life Coaching is  your safe haven to talk about, define and develop your abilities to reach out for and attain your goals. This is my very personal definition about what life coaching really is. If you ask yourself questions like: – Who am I? – What am I struggling with? – What is important to […]