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Sometimes we all need some help to develop our skills in a certain area and get specific tasks accomplished to reach our goal. There it makes sense to hire a business consultant who has the skills to teach and show you how to do those things. The service they provide is called Business Consulting.

This is how other professionals define Business Consulting:

LiveChime says: “A business consultant is a professional who analyzes businesses, creates solutions to problems, and helps businesses develop efficient plans for meeting their goals.”

wiseGeek says:“Business consulting is the profession of discerning the status and general operating procedures associated with a given corporation. As part of this discernment process, the business consultant will also seek to identify ways to enhance the overall business operating model, and help the business to make better use of existing resources. Business consulting also includes the process of projecting possible avenues of future growth and how to go about preparing to initiate that growth.”


What is the definition of a Business Consulting Service?

A business consulting service is what a professional business consultant provides:

  • Analyzes businesses and uncovers their strengths and weaknesses,
  • Gives general advice and
  • Creates working solutions to problems in the business,
  • Helps businesses develop perspectives and plans to meet their goals.

Of course, you as the business owner know your business best. Business Consulting Overview by mastermind-coaching-and-consulting.comSo first, a business consultant has to get to know  your business. The more experienced a business consultant is the more focused is the help you’ll get. Therefore, experience is what you really should look for if you think about hiring a business consulting service.

Another important point is to find someone who has the skills to teach you so that you understand and learn what you need to do to improve your business, to move perhaps in another direction to become more successful. So please choose carefully.

One more point I’d like to touch here: many small business owners think they are too small or not important enough to hire a business consulting service. Sometimes it’s simply a money issue, most small businesses are built on a shoestring budget and just don’t have the money to spend on consulting fees with huge companies. Let me tell you this: I made the same “mistake” when I started out. To learn everything from scratch on my own was time consuming and cost me a lot of money, much more than I would have spent on a consultant back then. Don’t repeat what I’ve done, you have a better opportunity now.


Who is Business Consulting Mastermind for?

Business Consulting Mastermind can be of huge benefit for new business owners and senior entrepreneurs as well. An outside look at your company can make you see your business from another perspective, can help to identify problems for example in the workflow, and find efficient solutions to problems – sometimes even before they come up. You will learn to “see” what comes up even before it happens. And that’s truly a huge benefit.

But wait, didn’t I tell you that changing perspective, changing the way you look at your business, at procedures or workflows belongs to business coaching? Congrats, you paid attention! That’s true, too. And that’s why our business consulting mastermind service is different from many other offers: business consulting meets business coaching – and that’s absolutely powerful.


Why must a Business Consultant make a plan?

You may feel a bit uncomfortable letting someone else get an inside view of your business. You may feel unsure about whether you’ll like the consultant’s plan. You may also feel doubt when listening to the advice given on how to improve your business. After all, you’re the business owner and you know your business best, right?

Sure, but… truth is that a professional business consultant will never make you a plan and submit it to you as a “take-it-or-leave-it” proposal. (S)He can develop a plan, yes, but will also listen to your feedback and revise the plan where necessary, make it meet with your ideas and get your approval. Once you approved the plan, it’s time to implement it. Your mastermind business consultant will help you do that and will also monitor and adjust it where necessary.

You see now that there is nothing you should feel uncomfortable about?


Do you plan to hire a Business Consulting service?

Well, I’ve met entrepreneurs who’ve been running their businesses for 20+ years, I’ve met business owners just starting out and many people in-between. What they all (including myself when I started out) had in common,  was the problem with spending money on a third party service, especially spending money on the business consulting service.

Let me ask you some questions:

You do provide some kind of services, don’t you?
Are you getting paid by your customers for what you provide?

You see, spending money on the service itself is not the problem – if the prices are fair and reasonable.

Now, let me uncover here what the real problem is: to find the service that fits, to find that one business  consulting service or that one consultant who really provides the service you’re looking for.

Perhaps you’ve already made your own experiences with high-paid “experts” who did not get the results you expected. Perhaps you feel bad about all the money you’ve spent on those services. Perhaps you’re unsure about trying another service because of those happenings. But: what happens if you don’t take action, if you don’t try to get help? Believe me, not taking action is worse than anything else.

However, some people are very successful at what they are doing. And for sure, Bryan Tracy is one of them. Therefore, I’ve chosen for you a video about success in business where he talks about the 4 Principles of Marketing Strategy. Watch it here:


To close this article, I’d like to encourage you to take the time you need to make the right decision for the future of your business and give a try to our Business Consulting Mastermind service.


Questions? Please contact us here.


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