Business Coaching Is All About You And Your Business

Let’s create a safe and confidential environment and find your answers to the “what” questions, because business coaching is all about you and your business:

– What do I expect from myself?
– What do I expect to achieve?
– What do I want to achieve?
– What makes me think (like this)?
– What makes me react (like this)?
– What are my goals?
– What makes me believe I can…?

And it’s the place where you seek for and find your answers to the “how to” questions like:

– Get a realistic view on your business
– Define and set your goals
– Set working hours and manage time
– Deal with stress factors and overwhelm
– React to anger, frustration and anxiety in business
– Deal with your fears like the fear of failure
– Re-build your self-confidence and self-esteem
– Deal with retirement issues

and many other themes releated to you and your business life.

It seems important to me to make this clear because of the frequent questions on Business Coaching people ask when they’re not sure about whether they need Business Coaching or Business Consulting.

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