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You see, I’ve spent much time on learning about Internet Marketing, on creating websites, learning about  SEO and ranking, creating new Social Media pages, learning new strategies, etc. on webinars and offline courses – but now, yes, now it’s time to get back to the roots again.

What do I mean with back to the roots? Well, listen up…

In this business, we get tons of emails into our mailboxes, most of them we just click and mark as read. A flood of information, so many that none of us can keep up with it. What’s the result? Instead of getting a clear picture about what we are looking for in Internet Marketing, we are overwhelmed, frustrated, confused, struggling and, what’s even worse, we completely lose direction.


Back to the roots. Mastermind Coaching And Consulting


Let me make a reference to an email message I received today:


“As you know Local SEO is literally dying.
Now if I asked you: “what is Google?”
Some of you may use a few cuss words, others would tell me: a “search engine”
Google is NOT a search engine!
Google started off over a decade ago as a search engine, YES, but now Google IS NOT a search engine, Google is an ADVERTISING platform / media with a search engine as support and now with Android as vehicle.
Once you pause a second and realize this, you’ll understand why maintaining your efforts in SEO is silly (read stupid)!
They want YOUR SEO EFFORTS to be unfruitful SO THAT you CANNOT deliver your promised results to your offline clients.
Google WANTS you to FAIL!
They want you to take your offline clients to Adwords for a reliable, guaranteed, steady first page STABILITY.
Google wants to get paid!
As long as you “master” Google with SEO, you basically Master Google, which means, you play them, you trick them, and they don’t get paid!
  • That’s why they keep on bucking off ALL SEO efforts. They de-indexed over 400.000 websites with the click one one button!
  • Thousands and thousands of websites sunk in rankings, overnight!
  • I know of a company that lost $100.000 per DAY in revenue as their properties dropped in the SERPS!
The ONLY SEO effort you should pursue is related to reputation management, the rest is bound to fail beautifully!
Why reputation management will survive the SEO rodeo? Because Google cannot benefit greatly from the “name” of a business in the SERPS.”

… and so on, describing what does not work anymore on Google, on Facebook and what’s wrong with text message marketing. The message was mainly promoting a webinar for aka mobile business. I may agree to some of the statements made but…

Let me ask you this:

If you were looking for an opportunity, for a new business on the Internet, would you like to join a webinar and learn about mobile apps or mobile marketing as the ultimate opportunity on the net after you read about all those scary things happening? Or, would you feel more confused, more insecure and scared, perhaps even not able to realize the real opportunity behind the scarcity? I can tell you, it would make me feel like that if I were new to the business. Confused, insecure and scared. And, I’m not sure about if I was interested in the opportunity at all.

You see, creating scarcity is a “tool” in Internet Marketing and anyone who has been involved with this business for a longer period of time knows how to read and understand these messages. New people don’t. And that’s one reason why so many of them jump on the band wagon and grab each and every opportunity that comes their way, what makes them spend a lot of money and time on so called opportunities and, what finally, let’s them end up frustrated and resigned, giving them the feeling of being a failure and making them quit again.

And, if you asked yourself who I was talking about here – about me, the former newbie in Internet Marketing, who spent a lot of money buying many of those “shiny objects”, who spent a lot of time testing and trying to make them work for me –  just to realize that I was not able to make any money with them. At least, I was not able to make money with them until I learned the basics properly and focused on one single strategy that was proven to work for others – and that was also working for me, after I made some tweaks.

Now, you may say that I was lucky. Definitely, it wasn’t luck but hard work. Luckily, I did not give up, I did not quit. You wouldn’t believe me if I told you how many hours I spent on webinars and worked on applying and implementing what I’d learned. That’s one of those rare truths of the Internet Marketing business that no one wants to talk about.

You may call me a renegade – I cannot agree more.  And that’s why I say that we have to get back to the roots again. What roots, you ask? Honesty, sincerity and truth.

And we should start by telling people the truth about Internet Marketing as a business. Telling them frankly that about 95% of those who are starting out in this business fail and don’t make any money on the Internet because they don’t learn the skills they need and because they still believe in push-button solutions and secret loopholes. Believe me or not, there are no push-button solutions or secret loopholes – and, even if that’s not what you want to hear me say now: you will have to learn-learn-learn and work-work-work to succeed. That’s the back to the roots in Internet Marketing.


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