Back to the Roots

You see, I’ve spent much time on learning about Internet Marketing, on creating websites, learning about  SEO and ranking, creating new Social Media pages, learning new strategies, etc. on webinars and offline courses – but now, yes, now it’s time to get back to the roots again. What do I mean with back to the roots? […]

Social Media Madness

I know, the last post is dated… oh no, please don’t remind me of that, but the social media madness caught me “by surprise”. I have to admit that I’ve had my Facebook and Twitter accounts for quite a while but never really used them… Truly, I’ve never thought about posting on Facebook on a […]

Create Scarcity To Sell More

Would you like to know how to create scarcity to sell more? I was doing some research on marketing strategies when I stumbled upon this video. It’s a video made by Daniel Wagner from the UK where he shares some unusual marketing methods he discovered at Josef Zotter, a well-known chocolatier in Innsbruck, Austria. Watch […]

Are You Still Using Yellow Pages?

Just recently, I asked my doctor: Are you still using Yellow Pages? The answer, plain and simple: “YES”. When I asked him to tell me about the benefits he gets from using them, he just said “well, till now I’ve only paid to get listed”. Then I asked him how many new patients he got […]

Product Reviews Can Be Tricky

If you write product reviews there are some serious rules to be considered to avoid to get punished. Yes, writing and publishing product reviews on the Internet can be very tricky and most people don’t even realize that. They think a review has to be seen as a personal opinion – that’s not the case. […]

Positioning Yourself

How should you be positioning yourself  the best way possible to get the exposure you need for your business which is absolutely vital when you work online? Just a few minutes ago, I found on my FB page a new video posted by Rich Shefren. In this video, Rich talks about why you should be […]

Life Just Happens…

When did you last experience that life just happens? Listen… We had some great webinars on Social Media Management lately, including SSL and all the new stuff, all the upcoming changes on Facebook. And so we started implementing the new stuff  in our existing sites and creating those great looking fanpages. We moved forward quickly. […]

Website or Blog or Social Media

What should you use to create a professional web presence, a website or blog or social media? This is one of the most frequently asked questions in our consulting sessions. The answer plain and simple: use ALL of them! Truth is, the more resources you use, the better. But note: never ever make the mistakes […]

Tribute To Freddie

I don’t know about you – but that’s what I’d grown up with… And a tribute to Freddie. Freddie Mercury and Queen. He would have been 65 this week. He surely turned Heaven upside down… 🙂 Life just happens. Enjoy!      

How Much Is Your Peace Of Mind Worth?

Just got a mail with Shannon Herod’s new WP plugin called WP Update Robot and in the sales video letter he asked the question how much is your peace of mind worth? Don’t get me wrong here, I truly appreciate Shannon’s work. He does a great job and what he presents to the public is […]