Focus on Clarity and Purpose

In today’s post I’d like to share with you some thoughts about clarity and purpose. I’ve got the idea after watching this video:   From the Youtube video: [quote] “A quick video by Tony Robbins with a topic on Clarity and Purpose. This video (is) very motivational and inspiring. I am using the information and […]

Right Decision at the Right Time

Welcome back to Mastermind Coaching And Consulting. This year’s first article is about making the right decision at the right time and why you should never wait for the right time to come if you have an idea in mind or a real goal in business or life. Many of those who have joined our […]

Happy New Year 2013!

Consulting vs Coaching

A few days ago a client asked me about consulting vs coaching. The question was why I focus so much on the consulting part with all the technical stuff here on Mastermind Coaching and Consulting and don’t publish here more topics related to coaching. He was missing the articles about business and life coaching… Here’s […]

Cleaning up Email Addresses in Outlook

From time to time I’m cleaning up email addresses in Outlook or more precisely: in the Outlook Auto Complete List. Because I know that sometimes the simplest things make us struggle most I post today a little guide on how to get rid of old or mistyped email addresses in Outlook. As we know,  Outlook remembers […]

Google Disavow Links Tool

The new Google Disavow Links Tool seems to have “hit” hard the community. People have already started to remove links from their sites or they try to get them removed again by former link building services. Seriously.   So what happened? Here is an excerpt from the Webmaster Central blogpost: “First, a quick refresher. Links […]

Latest EMD Google Updates

In this article we’ll talk about the latest EMD Google updates that, again, confused so many users. So let’s start with… What are EMDs? EMDs or Exact Match Domains are domains which have the main keyword or keyphrase in the domain name. Why did so many people love to use exact match domains? Well, back […]

Get more visitors to your site

One of the fundamental things you need to get your online business up and running is to get more visitors to your site. And I’m talking here about real people interested in what you do, interested in what product or service you have to offer. Visitors vs Buyers You could say now “I don’t need […]

Value Oriented Marketing

Today’s article is about value oriented marketing and value based marketing.  And to start with, let me ask you first… What does value mean to you? Is it the content that has “value”? Is it the price that shows the “value”? Is it what you get out of a product or service that makes that […]

About Widgets

Some days ago we talked about plugins so let’s talk today about widgets, what they are and what to use them for. I remember quite well how confusing it was for me to hear “experts talking Internet”, means using all those specific terms and definitions I could not really understand when I was new to […]