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What about the new mobiles, the smartphones, all those “mobile facts” we stumble on everywhere? How do they impact on our lives? How do they impact on our businesses? That’s what today’s mobile facts article is about.


Mobile Facts by Mastermind Coaching And Consulting

Some funny mobile facts: The top 5 Couchsurfing Countries

I have to admit, couchsurfing  is not a bad thing to do… when it’s raining cats and dogs and no one feels like going out anywhere…

When I saw some of those infographics, I’ve found myself thinking about how the mobile technology changed our attitude, our behaviour, our lives, the way we communicate and do business…

With the “generation smartphones” a vision became reality, giving us the chance to discover and surf the web “on the go”, where ever and when ever we want to. Of course, that can also end up in couchsurfing. But normally, surfing the web does not necessarily mean that.

More and more businesses use the incredible power and the opportunities opened up through the mobile technology, creating a new channel for their customers to engage them to share and  interact.

As the smartphone ownership is around 1 billion and increases daily, there is a good reason to talk about how the new technology impacts on the business world. So let’s take a closer look at some of those mobile facts which should be seriously considered by business owners.

Mobile facts to be considered

Infographics reported that

  • 77 % of smartphone searchers contacted a local business as a result of finding them on mobile
  • 90 % of these searches resulted in an action like making a purchase or contacting a company
  • 36 % of consumers planned to make future purchases via their mobile device.

“Only a few years ago, smartphone users were still considered early adopters. Now smartphone owners outnumber those with basic mobile devices” says Samantha Murphy in her article. And, because consumers search for what they are looking for via Internet, they can only find it if the respective businesses have a mobile website. These are “mobile facts”.  And that’s why so many business owners are literally forced to take action now and get the mobile version of their websites ready for a new generation of consumers, who want to get involved, who want to interact and share information.

Big companies don’t have any trouble with getting their websites mobile ready or getting new websites created especially for smartphone users. Whether they do the job within the company with their own staff or outsource it, they are fine.

Those who are mostly affected by the changes in the mobile industry, are in fact the small business owners
who either don’t have the manpower to do the job themselves or they lack of the monetary resources to pay for outsourcing. Fact is, that if they want to stay in business they must find a way to get that done. Future customers will not accept a ugly mobile site which is not optimized or loads too slowly. So let’s see now what requirements a mobile website has to fulfil.

What are the “must haves” of a mobile website?

A mobile site must be

  • searchable, means visitors and potential customers must find you and
    your business via your mobile website
  • accessible through one URL
  • available for all your visitors
  • usable through fast load speeds
  • connectable, giving the users the possibility to quickly connect with you
  • engaging users to read and share your content

and must

  • provide appropriate content which is quickly consumable
  • provide positive user experience

It is said that the mobile web is the easiest way to open up a channel for consumers to engage, search, connect and interact. But, the real challenges show up on the road to get there. Let’s take a look now at why people are searching the web via smartphones.

Why do people use smartphones to browse the web?

Here are the most common reasons:

  • Smartphones are easy to use: young people love them, baby boomers use them,
    more seasoned people slowly also get used to them
  • They give the user a sense of independence and freedom because people can use
    them where ever they are and when ever they want
  • They provide fast and reliable search results, locally and globally
  • They allow to compare items and prices in seconds
  • They make buying items via Internet a breeze
  • They allow interaction and sharing content instantly
  • People just love browsing, searching and playing with them!

When I’d been searching for my own smartphone I asked some people why they had bought one. And, they told me another great reason: their friends. Friends had bought one and showed them what they can use it for! Now, that’s a good reason to buy, isn’t it?!


Whether we like smartphones or not, they are here to stay and we must face these “mobile facts”. Smartphones and the new mobile opportunities will change our lives the same way Internet did it some years ago.

However, there is no need to be afraid of this new technology just like there is no need to fear any new technology. As long as we make choices of our own, learn how to use technology to our own benefit and don’t buy everything  just for some new technology’s sake, we will stay “safe” – even with all the mobile facts.


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Infographics Sources:
10 More Mind-blowing Mobile Infographics by Graham Charlton


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  1. Steve Petno
    July 24, 2012 at 4:49 am #

    Thank you for this awesome post…I knew people search the web on their smartphones, but I didn’t think that USA was number 1….

    Steve Petno

    • July 29, 2012 at 12:41 am #

      Thank you for your comment, Steve Petno. Although I’ve been in marketing for quite a while, statistics still surprise me too!

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