Are You Still Using Yellow Pages?

Just recently, I asked my doctor: Are you still using Yellow Pages?
The answer, plain and simple: “YES”.

When I asked him to tell me about the benefits he gets from using them,
he just said “well, till now I’ve only paid to get listed”.

Then I asked him how many new patients he got from this listing.
The answer was “no one, although I’ve been listed there for 5 years”.

5 years! No one new patient.

When I told him that we have a basic package for $119 one time fee and
therefore he gets his own page on Facebook, a page especially developed
for doctors that can be customized according to his personal needs and
preferences, guess what happened?

You’re absolutely right. He paid me the fee right away.
Within 3 days he had a very nice page on Facebook.

To make sure everything works, I gave him a call yesterday
and got off the call with 2 more addresses, 2 more doctors.
Thanks, doc!

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