Are You A Warrior?

Yes, Are You A Warrior?

Are You A Warrior -

I’m asking this because if you are a “warrior”, you know already what this post is about, so are you a Warrior?
If not, please read

There are many, many places where you can find tons of interesting “stuff”: courses, books, training material, plugins, etc. One of the most frequented places is the Warrior Forum with their eye-catching offers. Almost no one can resist to check them out and finally, buy them.

Truly, I’ve bought many of their offers. I just love to play with “new toys”. And, the products over there are really seductive because they are sooo cheap… The sales letters convince you within minutes that you just cannot live without that course, plugin or what ever else they have on a dimesale. Dimesale? Hmmm… Creates scarcity, you just want to be between the first ones who get that new toy and… bummm, you ‘ve just bought it!

Don’t get me wrong here, I’m not against the Warrior Forum or any other place where marketers sell their products. I’m aka “warrior” myself, I’ve subscribed to the forum. As I told you, I just love new toys.

But, what you should know about the Warrior Forum and similar places, is this:

1. Great offers

Yes, there are some great offers over there. Merely useful, the products are easy to implement, easy to use, even for people new to the business. And, there are new offers each day. So you’ll have to spend about $3,700 a year only on that, if you want to buy one product per day this year…

2. Dimesale

The prices start often at as little as 3 to 7 bucks. But, the products are on dimesale. That means the price will increase, mostly with each sale. Keep that in mind.

3. Sales letters

Read the sales letters and learn from them, they are just awesome! Great product descriptions, videos, often they show the product “in use” or “in action”. But don’t forget: it takes some time to learn how to use them properly. You will have to go through the tutorials, watch the videos and follow the steps outlined to make it work for you. And, remember: there is no simple push-button solution on the market that you can use without learning the how-tos.

4. Scarcity

Most sales letters create scarcity, they make you think you’ll be missing out on something important if you don’t buy the product. They urge you to make up a decision – what of course, should be to buy the product. Don’t underestimate the power of images and trigger words!  Oh, I almost forgot to tell you about the counters, like: “Hurry! Only 2 left at this price!”-  and yes, they have the same purpose.

5. Buy or don’t buy?

YOU have to decide – but, think about this first: do you really need the product? So many people buy product after product and never implement or use them. Remember: you will have to do some serious work on each product to make it work and benefit from it. Now, what do you think would happen if you’ve bought 2 – 3 products? You’re right: you would save them on your hard drive and probably… never use them. Do yourself a favor: buy one product and make it work before you buy the next one!

If you’re on a shoestring budget and plan to use for your blog or website, check out the plugins first, they provide very good solutions as a free alternative. To tell the truth, if I had known that before I bought all kind of  stuff on the WF and other places, I would have saved a lot of money. Besides that they are free, they have another huge advantage: you don’t have to worry about the updates. You get notified each time an update is available and you’re done with just a click of your mouse!

We’ve talked a lot about the WF in this post and perhaps you think about subscribing and using it as well. So next time there might be no need for me to ask you again “Are you a Warrior?” 🙂


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