Advantages And Disadvantages Of Online Marketing

What are the main advantages and disadvantages of online marketing

Do you market online? Well, then you may have already experienced what the main advantages
and disadvantages of online marketing are. But, when you’ re new to this business or just plan to join the internet marketing craze, this article may help you clarify the positive and negative aspects before you make up a final decision.

Before we get started, let me ask you a question: how did you get involved with viral marketing? Have you been introduced to that by a friend, a family member or via a webinar that made you curious? If you ever asked yourself how other people got involved with this opportunity – here is
a video about how Gary Vaynerchuk, one of the online marketing rockstars, got started in the
early days of internet marketing:


Let’s get started now with the…

Main advantages and disadvantages of online marketing

What are the main online marketing advantages?

If you market online the main advantage is that you can offer your products and services 24/7/365, means 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, each and every day of the year. Your potential customers can reach out to you from all over the world whenever they want, and they’re not limited to local businesses anymore.

Another advantage of marketing online is that marketing on the internet can be incredibly cost effective. The main communication channel is via email, and sending out emails is much, much cheaper and faster than sending out your information by post. Your subscribers will get the latest information as soon as they open their inbox.

Also, if you have a website with a sign up box on it, your visitors can effortlessly decide whether they want to subscribe to your information channels, such as newsletters, memberships, videos, podcasts, etc. and decide for themselves how long they want to stay, you giving them the opportunity to unsubscribe at any time they wish. You may lose people along the way, but
those who stay with you are your true audience, the ones who see the value in your products
and services, the ones who appreciate what you do and what you share with them.

Let’s see now some disadvantages as well.

What are the main disadvantages of marketing online?

One of the main online marketing disadvantages is that it takes quite some time to get the skills you need and, of course, you have to invest time and money to get them. And truth be told, even
if you have the skills you need for an online business, often you just trade time for money.

Here is another disadvantage of marketing online: it’s much harder to get to know your potential customers online than in a brick-and-mortar-business where you meet them face to face. You might ask now, what do I need to “know” my future customers for when working online?!
Good question. Because knowing your audience and potential customers makes or brakes your online business. The better you know them, the more you can focus your efforts on solving their problems. In other words, knowing their needs and interests, their struggles and setbacks helps you serve them better by offering straight to the point solutions.

The last main online marketing disadvantage I’d like to talk about with you today are the ongoing changes. Search engines love to change their algorithms, they just love to make vague statements about what they really want you to do to get “noticed” on the Internet, in other words, to get your website ranked and seen. Same applies to social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc. It’s impossible to keep up with all their improvements if you’re a “one-man-band” doing all the work on your own. Therefore, make yourself familiar with outsourcing opportunities
if you want to work on your business instead of doing all the basic, time consuming work yourself.

I think the biggest challenge you’ll face sooner or later is to keep aka balance between the advantages and disadvantages of online marketing. You will need to get rid of the tasks that you cannot do or don’t like to do yourself, and stop trading your time for money. You will need time
to think about your customers, choose the right path to go and decide about strategies to achieve your goals. And, you will need to focus on growing your business.

Let me know below what you think about the main advantages and disadvantages of online marketing.



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