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About Margareta

Margareta Rozsonday-Hien

Business & Life Coach and Business Consultant
at Mastermind Coaching And Consulting


“Life is a constant learning curve.”

As a professional coach-consultant with experience and expertise in coaching and
online marketing, passionate about strategies, techniques and a personal teaching style,
Margareta is the “MasterMind” behind Mastermind Coaching And Consulting.

She would love to meet you in one of her coaching sessions to help you overcome your fears,
struggles and difficulties, to lead and guide you to your own business and life success.


You can contact her in English, German, Hungarian, Romanian and French.
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When you discover where your attitude and habits come from, you understand why you act or react the way you do. Starting with small changes in your personal and/or business life, we can develop together new perspectives and individual strategies for a happier life and long-term business success.

Get in touch and check out Mastermind Coaching And Consulting’s business and life coaching or business consulting sessions online. Get ready for results: experience the transformation in your business and in your personal life.

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