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Some days ago we talked about plugins so let’s talk today about widgets, what they are and what to use
them for.

I remember quite well how confusing it was for me to hear “experts talking Internet”, means using all those
specific terms and definitions I could not really understand when I was new to the Internet Marketing business. Of course, I’d been searching for those terms trying to learn more but mostly, the descriptions I found just confused me even more. And that’s why I started this little series about specific terms in Internet Marketing:
to give you a short introduction and a basic description.

With that said, it’s time to eliminate some confusion about another term: widgets.


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There are all kind of widgets out there:  for Macs, Facebook, Google, WordPress, for mobiles etc. but:

What are Widgets?

Widgets, also called “web widgets” are small programs delivered to you as a code to insert into your website, blog, etc. to change and increase your site’s functionality.

How to insert widgets on your site?

You can insert these small pieces of code simply by using “copy (STRG +”C”) and paste (STRG +”V”)”.

Note: before you copy and paste that code use the “Select All” function to highlight the code (right click on your mouse and the “Functions” window opens up) just to make sure that you copy and paste the complete code not only a part of it.

I hear you asking why I describe this simple procedure so precisely. Well, because the simplest, basic things can make you the most trouble if you’re new to the Internet business and don’t know how to do them. Also, you can lose a lot of time trying to figure things out on your own if you don’t know where to look for a simple and understandable explanation. But, back to our widgets again.

A widget that most of us see every day

The probably most common example of a widget that most of us see every day are Google’s advertisements. After you signed up for Google AdSense you’re given a small piece of code that you can place on your website, page or blog. This piece of software makes Google’s ads show up on your site. The best part is that these ads are related to the content of your site. Yes, Big G chooses advertisements that match the content and displays them on your site. The only thing you have to take care of is to copy and paste Google’s code correctly in your widgets area – and to respect Google’s TOS, of course. 🙂

Personal use of widgets

Google’s ad widget and many others are made for personal use on your own sites. Other widgets you may have already heard of are from StumbleUpon, DigIt, Facebook, YouTube, etc. and even Feedburner.

For example, Feedburner allows your site’s visitors to sign up for your RSS feed by providing a widget that you can put on your blog to help people sign up. Another example is YouTube, allowing you to make a playlist of your favorite videos.

What do businesses use widgets for?

Businesses use widgets to enhance their websites: to provide syndicated content, to track visitors to the website and provide information on how the visitors have come to the website – just to name a few.


It doesn’t matter whether you know how to program if you want to use widgets. It’s a simple copy and paste process. Do not let the code intimidate you. If you’re gone through the process once you won’t have any problem to add more widgets to your site, but choose carefully the widgets you use and do not overdo it.


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